Workshop Pegboard Organization For The 21st Century

New materials and ideas to improve on the old particle-board system.

Did you think your grandpa's pegboard looked super cool with its array of tools fanned out neatly above the workbench? Pegboards seem like a great idea, but in reality they rarely work as well as they do in your imagination; particle board isn't that durable, and the hooks aren't the most secure places to hang expensive tools. Over time, the pegboard hole can sag under the weight of heavy tools, and said tools can even fall off the wall. If you're really unlucky, a hammer will fall and land directly on your brand-new helmet sitting on the workbench, a tragedy that's easily avoidable. Pegboard may have been granddad's only choice, but you have more and better options. The classic pegboard system gets a much-needed reboot with 21st-century materials and more flexible storage solutions. Here are several systems that can be real helmet-savers.

Sturdy Option

This pegboard-organizer kit comprises three 16 x 32-inch panels and includes multiple accessories.Wall Control

This powdercoated metal design is classic pegboard reinvented for modern times. While the panel accepts standard pegboard hooks, it also works with Wall Control's own bracket system, so it can accommodate shelves and heavier tools. Plus, it works great with all your magnetic tool organizers. The kit includes an assortment of hooks, two sizes of shelves, three hanging bins, plus hammer and screwdriver holders to get you started.

No Framework Required

Short on hanging surfaces? A smaller unit is your go-to.Amazon

When wall space is limited a pair of 32-inch-tall by 16-inch-wide sheets of metal pegboards suffice as alternative tool storage. This unit accepts 1/4-inch pegs to hang tools or shelving and with its patented metal system, the manufacturer claims that it is 10 times stronger than conventional or plastic pegboards. In order to hang the pegboard on the wall utilize the provided mounting hardware—no framework required. If mounting into concrete, however, the maker recommends using TapCon screws or the like.

Stay Organized

In terms of bang for your buck, this unit shows well. It includes everything you’ll need to fill the panels too.VonHaus

The VonHaus wall organizer is made of impact-resistant plastic panels and includes a multitude of storage options straight out of the box. With an assortment of bins, tool organizers, and hooks, this well-thought-out package is practically a one-and-done catch-all solution for a storage wall. The bins are especially convenient for motorcyclists who like to keep a lot of spare parts on hand.