Ramps For Loading Your Motorcycle Quickly, Easily, And Safely

Don’t worry, be happy with a loading ramp designed for your bike and vehicle.

Loading and unloading motorcycles from a truck or trailer is a bit of a voodoo science, wherein experience brings knowledge and knowledge brings smooth, safe results. Another benefit of experience is knowing what kind of ramp to use for different bikes, trucks, trailer, and conditions. In general, though, the longer and wider the ramp, the easier the loading job will be. Youth and exuberance, together with a short lightweight ramp, can load dirt bikes into a jacked-up 4x4. But this dog won’t hunt getting a 900-pound hog into the same truck with the same ramp and same kids. See? It’s all got to work together. The best thing, if you have the money and storage space, is a long, articulated, multi-piece aluminum ramp system that lets you walk alongside your bike during loading or unloading. Bottom line: Examine your needs and choose a ramp to suit. Winner.

Pit Posse Aluminum Loading Ramp

6-foot Pit Posse aluminum loading ramp
If you’ve got a basic bike, particularly a dirt bike, get back to basics with the 6-foot Pit Posse aluminum loading ramp.Amazon

This basic ramp is a throwback to the 1970s. Made of 6061 extruded aluminum, with dimple-formed traction holes in the channel, the 6-inch wide ramp features a 6-foot working surface and is 6.3 feet long overall including the steel tongue. The carrying capacity is 400 pounds—sufficient for dirt bikes but not big ADVs or sport-tourers. As well, the large rear tires on big road burners won't fit inside the channel. Thus, this ramp's target buyer is the off-road rider whose lightweight bike has adequate ground clearance to clear the breakover angle where ramp and truck bed meet.

Yutrax Folding Aluminum Ramp

Yutrax folding aluminum ramp
Supporting up to 750 pounds, the Yutrax folding aluminum ramp offers a high-grip mesh surface and is a confidence-inspiring foot wide.Amazon

Measuring 7.4 feet long and 12 inches wide, this aluminum articulated ramp folds to 44.5 inches long for easy storage. Weighing just 17 pounds, it is therefore a lightweight solution to loading motorcycles up to 750 pounds. The ramp's gentle "S" curve reduces the breakover angle where the ramp meets truck or trailer bed. Translation: Low-slung bikes like cruisers or sportbikes are less prone to dragging their engines, pipes, or fairings, causing damage or the machine to get stuck. And in sun or snow, mud or rain, the mesh surface helps idealize traction.

Titan 4-Beam Aluminum Load Ramp

Titan ramp
The Titan 10-foot aluminum ramp is a complete solution for loading and unloading heavy motorcycles and ATVs.Amazon

When you really, absolutely don't want to fall over while loading or unloading your motorcycle, here's your ramp. Measuring 10 feet long and 3.3 feet wide overall, this aluminum ramp actually comes in three sections that can be positioned side by side by side or wide apart depending on need. The center section is 17.3 inches wide—plenty for even a big-inch cruiser's fat tires—and the two side sections are each 11.3 inches wide, adequate for walking alongside your bike. Bottom line: You move up and down the ramp alongside your bike, never losing the preferred ergonomics for control. Distributed over all three ramp sections, the Titan 4-Beam Aluminum Load Ramp can hold an impressive 2,700 pounds.