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Find reviews on new motorcycles as our experts provide first looks into recently released bikes.

Whether it is a refreshed paint scheme, a ground-up redesign, or a concept turned production model, the team at Cycle World loves new motorcycles. Stay up to date with all the latest 2025 and 2024 motorcycles as they are announced. When models becomes available to the team, the editors tear into these bikes, putting them on the motorcycle dyno, logging miles to review them, and eventually comparing similar models to find out the Ten Best.

Cycle World rides all the key new motorcycles, providing inside looks and helping you decide which new adventure, cruiser, sportbike, off-road, standard, or touring model is the right choice for you.

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Motorcycle Reviews

Motorcycles have been improving since their inception, whether it’s a new style of motorcycle—nobody was riding what we think of a sportbike in the 1950s—or the inclusion of technological riding aids, such as ABS and ride-by-wire throttles. In the next decade, there may be even more changes to occur.

The editors at Cycle World are adept at figuring out the nuances to these machines, and they break down which new bike is the best for you in their motorcycle reviews.

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Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, or possibly comparing model year changes, then the motorcycle Buyer’s Guide is where you need to head. The Buyer’s Guide is designed to help you find the best new motorcycle for you.

Under each new motorcycle, you can find the editors’ likes and dislikes, pricing, specifications, and competitors in the same segment. We are always adding and updating motorcycle models as we publish reviews and new information is provided to us, so make sure to check to see if your favorite bike is up there.

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