Top 5 Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Our picks for secure and easy access to your phone for the next ride.

motorcycle phone mount
Quality phone mounts offer a combination of security, stability, and viewing convenience so you can rest easy on the next ride.Amazon

More and more, smartphones are becoming constant companions on our regular rides, whether it’s for navigation, serving as an onboard deejay, or just providing an easy way to snap some scenic shots on a tour. And that means a sturdy cradle that can securely grip your device while still allowing for adjustability—and accessibility—is becoming an indispensable accessory for any ride. But it doesn’t mean you should settle for a cheap plastic trinket that’ll snap at the first sight of a pothole either.

Generally, you should look for durable build quality of metal or ABS plastic construction, and rubberized or foam pads at the contact points for vibration absorption. Grip strength is key—you don’t want to lose your $1,000 phone over a speed bump, so look for industrial-strength springs or a multi-point grip; X-Grips are popular precisely because they contact the phone at four points. You’ll also want to measure your handlebar diameter (especially if they’re tapered) and smartphone dimensions to make sure they’re both compatible with the mount.

You’re also looking for convenience, and mounts that let you grab your phone with one hand or swivel easily for viewing options are a huge help. Check the mount’s stability during a low-speed test run for any issues, and tighten things down before setting off on your next Iron Butt run.

Tackform Enduro

Tackform Enduro Series Omnidirectional Motorcycle Mount

The solid Tackform Enduro fits a wide variety of handlebars and adjusts easily.Amazon

With articulation points at the top and bottom ends, the Tackform Enduro's ball-and-socket joints allow you to finagle your display into whatever position suits you, whether landscape or portrait or anywhere in between. We're also keen on the aluminum arm and cradle design for durability and reliable support. The cradle sports rubber inserts for vibration damping and a dual industrial spring design lets you place or remove the phone with one hand, using your own case. The Tackform Enduro Mounts also bring a lifetime warranty, and work with gizmos up to 3.4 inches wide, including standard and Plus sized iPhones with or without a case. This unit mounts onto almost any handlebar from 7/8 inch to 1.25 inches.

Ram Tough-Claw Mount

Ram Tough-Claw Mount With Universal X-Grip Large Phone Cradle

Ram mounts can be configured in various combinations and offer a lifetime warrantyAmazon

We've used Ram's durable double ball-and-socket mounts countless times with a variety of devices over the years and have yet to be disappointed. This thing is M1 Abrams-tough, and the modular design can be configured with any number of interchangeable components to accept most phones or devices. This particular setup consists of the small Tough-Claw base and universal X-Grip cradle for large phones and phablets. The X-Grip's clever four-leg design sports great holding power without hiding your smartphone, and easily expands to accept most phone sizes. This mount also rotates 360 degrees, and comes with a device tether. Clamps to handlebar diameters from 0.625 to 1.5 inches.

Quad Lock

Quad Lock Motorcycle/Scooter Mirror Mount

A clutter-free, secure phone mount that mounts to your mirror stem.Amazon

Quad Lock's twist (pun intended) on smartphone device mounts brings a patented dual-stage lock that's meant to attach your phone securely to your motorcycle or scooter's mirror stem. You can get it in a variety of configurations for different mounting locations, but all of them offer quick attach/detach capability for easy access on the go. This one can be mounted in either portrait or landscape mode on mirror stem sizes 10, 12, 14, and 16mm, though you do have to buy a separate Quad Lock Case or Universal Adapter to interface with whichever mount you choose.

Rokform Pro Series

Rokform Pro Series Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Rokform Pro Series bar mounts offer security, vibration damping, and angle adjustability.Amazon

Rokform has grown a broad portfolio of motorcycle-specific accessories over the years, and the Pro Series is its top-shelf line of bike mounts, utilizing premium materials like CNC-machined aluminum in conjunction with a twist lock design to keep your phone stable on even rough terrain. Vibe damping comes courtesy of rubber handlebar spacers, and an additional magnetic attachment point provides yet another safety layer. There's an included lanyard too, should your trail get really teeth-chattering. The Rokform Pro clamps onto bars 7/8 inch to 1.25 inches and can spin 360 degrees around the mount or the bar, and pivot up to 55 degrees so you can nail that perfect angle for viewing. It does, however, require a separate Rokform-mountable case for use.

Motorcycle Mount

Metal Bike And Motorcycle Mount For Any Smartphone

The design fits most phones and many handlebar sizes, plus this CAW.CAR unit won’t break the bank.Amazon

Amazon’s universal mounting choice comes from CAW.CAR Accessories and claims to mount any phone to any bike or motorcycle with tubular handlebars. Squeeze any device up to 3.7 inches wide into the rubber-tipped holder and attach it to handlebars from 0.6 inch to 1.3 inches in diameter, toollessly. This unit also offers easy adjustability with a rubberized ball-and-socket design, while an included stretch band wraps around the corners of the phone to keep it snugly secure in the holder for rougher rides. With a reasonable price tag and a universal design, this unit is a great choice for those looking to save some bucks. Plus it comes with a money-back guarantee!