Find the freshest information about the newest motorcycles.

Whether it’s news from any of the various motorcycle manufacturers or fresh models released at a motorcycle expo like EICMA, Cycle World has the inside line on any information you need concerning motorcycles. To make your next—or first—motorcycle purchase easier, we ride and review new motorcycles as they become available, sometimes before the public has a chance to see them in person. We know that motorcycles are performance-oriented machines, which is why we use our in-house motorcycle dyno to compare the manufacturer’s specifications to our own. We also often compare that same bike to others in its class in comparison or shootout reviews so you have the most comprehensive picture of the best bike for you, even before hitting a dealership floor.

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Latest Motorcycles

Motorcycle models have lifecycles that start with a completely new package that then gets updated over the course of multiple years. Then that model will be discontinued or redesigned as an all-new machine. Sportbikes, dirt bikes, and adventure motorcycles will often see multiple new designs with the same model name over the course of decades. When a manufacturer does updates or redesigns a model, it is noteworthy. The buzz around the industry picks up, spy shots are posted, patent information is discovered, and then we finally get to see the model. Follow Cycle World to be the first one to know about these new bikes.

First Ride Reviews

First ride reviews lay down the foundation for all of the other tests and comparisons that we conduct on every new motorcycle. Normally, our first ride review of a model—especially if it is a dramatically new or updated motorcycle—will be conducted with the OEM, in some spectacular location. These rides are a great way to establish a basis for how the motorcycle feels in a controlled setting, without having to worry about traffic, gas, or where to go. While they are not as comprehensive as our full reviews, they provide you with our initial impressions, just how you would feel if you were test riding a motorcycle at a demo day.