Garage Gloves To Help You Get A Grip On The Task At Hand

Digit protection—mechanic, welding, disposable—for all your wrenching needs.

If you’ve busted your knuckles wrenching on a motorcycle to the point pulling on riding gloves is painful, it’s long past time to purchase a pair of work gloves. While you’re at it, grab a box of disposables to keep your hands from reeking of chain lube, which can smell mysteriously like Stetson cologne mixed with turpentine—a not entirely unpleasant aroma, admittedly, but it does whiff of brain-cell death. If you have hot jobs with which to contend, grab a welding-specific twosome and spare the oven mitts Aunt Millie knitted for you as a wedding present. Check out our suggestions for each category.

For The Tinkerer

Combining synthetic leather in the palms and a breathable fabric on the back of the hands, Mechanix Wear Original Work Gloves are comfortable even when the temperature rises.Amazon

Mechanix Wear Original Work Gloves are a garage staple. From professional race mechanics to home tinkerers, this leadoff Mechanix Wear model is a simple, effective, slip-on solution to help protect your hands. With a synthetic leather palm designed to not hinder manual dexterity, Work Gloves are ideal for wrenching on a motorcycle. Remember: These are mechanic's gloves, not all-purpose work gloves. So if you're, say, pounding fence posts, grab a pair best suited to that task.

Toss ’em After Use

The gloves are off—and they can be thrown away afterward.Amazon

You deal with a variety of chemicals and fluids when you work on your motorcycle from brake fluid to chain cleaner. These gloves in particular are specified for industrial use due to puncture and chemical resistance making them a must-have for the moto mechanic’s garage. After the glove has served its purpose it can be thrown away. Have a latex allergy? No need to worry, because these are latex free.    

For Extreme Temperature Work

Made of cowhide and lined with cotton, Olson Deepak welding gloves are said to resist temperatures as high as 662 degrees Fahrenheit.Amazon

Not every garage needs a pair of welding gloves, but even if you aren’t a welder, forearm-length protection often comes in handy. For example, if the large-diameter header pipes fitted to your motorcycle have to be removed to access the engine’s oil drain bolt—trust us, it’s a thing—you know yanking even a moderately warm exhaust system without heat-resistant gloves is not fun. And if you’re smoking a pork butt while you’re changing your oil and need to load more charcoal on the grill, you’ll be doubly glad you have them.