Handy Organizers For Miscellaneous Tools

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

That big tool chest in your shop says something about you: You’re probably of a certain age and pretty well settled because few people are willing to invest in a huge cabinet and a full array of tools if they are likely to throw it all in a moving van every couple of years. The way you organize your tools probably says even more about you, but let’s refrain from too much psychoanalytic prying. For those into Marie Kondo-inspired organization and whose idea of a good Saturday is wandering the aisles of The Container Store (no judgment, here), the random tools in your collection that don’t have specific homes probably drive you nuts. For all you anal-retentive types, here are a few organizers to satisfy your desire for workshop feng shui.

Steel Core Magnetic Toolbox Accessory Kit

Magnetic tool organizers are a great way to free up space and keep frequently used items within hands’ reach.Amazon

Expanding tool-chest storage capacity by taking advantage of the outer surfaces is a great way to prevent the drawers from becoming cluttered with random stuff. It's also a great way to keep oft-used things at hand. This magnetic accessory kit includes a shop-towel holder, a spray-can holder, a utility tray, and a nitrile-glove holder. Smart. Nitrile glove boxes and cans of spray polish are public enemies number one and two for taking up valuable workbench real estate. With this toolbox accessory kit, you can finally put them in their place.

Motion Pro Air Gauge Holder

Motion Pro makes a great tire-pressure gauge. Keep it handy with an organizer that’s as much display case as tool holder.Amazon

A dedicated tire-pressure-gauge holder may seem extravagant to non-riders, but motorcyclists know the importance of regularly checking tire pressures. Owning a quality tire gauge, like Motion Pro's digital tire-pressure gauge, and mounting it in a handy location will help remind you to run proper pressures at all times. Motion Pro is our go-to motorcycle-specific tool source, and this magnetic gauge holder is as classy as you'd expect. It sticks to any ferrous surface and resembles a motocross or flat-track number plate, making it the perfect place for a Nicky Hayden decal.

Ernst Manufacturing 10-Compartment Organizer Tray

Room for smaller and larger tools as well as small parts will help keep your tool chest tidy.Amazon

If you're the sort of person who buys packing cubes to keep your suitcase organized, you'll appreciate an organizing tray for all the odds and ends in your toolbox. If your wrenches, sockets, and pliers have dedicated space but you're not sure what to do with the miscellany cluttering your chest drawers—squeegee for applying your gas-tank protector, mini brake bleeder, circlip pliers, spring puller, etc.—this basic 11 x 16-inch tray should do the trick. With 10 compartments of varying sizes, it's the anal retentive's dream.