How to Keep Your Feet Dry On A Motorcycle

When you’re riding, the right socks make all the difference.

Next to a good helmet and jacket, boots are a motorcyclist’s best friend. First and foremost, they should be protective, supportive, and comfortable. But often, good boots can also mean sweaty feet. The solution is socks that wick (or pull) moisture away from the skin. An easy strategy here is a thin wicking liner worn inside a comfy thicker sock. Synthetic materials designed expressly for this job vastly outperform cotton, and also maintain their thermal insulative properties when wet, an important trait for touring riders. If you want to “go natural,” wool is the logical choice, but it can be smelly when wet and may not dry as fast as synthetics. With synthetic socks, rinse them out, hang them up in the sun or overnight, and they’ll likely be dry by morning for your next ride.

Thermal Insulation

Socks like these should be in everyone’s riding kit. Soft, stretchy, blister-resisting, and thermally insulative, they also wick moisture from your feet par excellence.Amazon

For cold, wet conditions, socks should have two primary functions: provide thermal insulation and wick moisture from the skin. These Realtree men's liner socks do both with their mix of 98 percent polypropylene and 2 percent stretchy Spandex construction. Wear them under your primary socks. Additional features of these useful inner liners are their antimicrobial material, a flat toe seam for comfort, and arch support. They are machine washable, dry quickly, and, best of all, made in the USA.

Hybrid Wool Sock

These hybrid wool socks take the classic sock material into the 21st century and claim both waterproof and windproof protection.Amazon

Here's a highly evolved version of the traditional wool sock. Designed for the rigors of camping and hiking in cold, nasty conditions, these socks feature merino wool, which is noted for both its thermal properties and moisture-wicking capability. Ideal for motorcyclists ripping down the road, they are also claimed to be windproof and breathable. Other nice features include a padded toe, footbed, and heel, and an elasticized ankle and instep for a snug fit. Multiple colors and sizes are available, including Black/Racing Green!

Bringing The Heat

Keep your feet warm, but also keep moisture and odor under control.Amazon

When temperatures drop you don’t want frozen toes, but you also don’t want sweaty feet either. Which is why a sock that heats, but is absorbent and breathable, is ideal for the motorcycle rider. These thermal socks are made of an acrylic, polyester, and elastane/spandex blend and its brushed inside lining is claimed to insulate your feet better than wool socks. Worried about your feet getting too hot? These thermal socks keep both moisture and odor under control.