Winter Motorcycle Riding Gear

Be ready to ride warm, head to toe

iXS Buster balaclava ($45).iXS USA

Head Cold Cure
It's okay to be a hothead beneath the helmet with the iXS Buster ($45) balaclava. Made of Dryarn microfiber material, a fabric said to be fast drying, it is breathable, lightweight, and resistant to electrostatic charge. Its ergonomic shape, central flat seam, and wicking effect on mouth and ear openings make for improved comfort as well.
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Venture Head Heated Insoles ($69.99).Venture Heat

Cinder Sole
A first step to ensuring cold-weather comfort is keeping your feet warm. Skiing socks might help, but inserting Venture Heat Heated Insoles ($69.99) into your boots is strides better. The micro-alloy fiber heating elements are positioned from heel to toe, and the insert's leading edge can be trimmed to fit. A fused battery harness is included.
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Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vest Liner with Collar ($179.99).Tourmaster

Toasty Torso
Maintain your core temperature when riding in cold weather with the Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vest Liner with Collar ($179.99). Featuring lightweight flexible steel fiber heating elements and expanding side panels, the 12-volt-powered vest provides warmth without bulk beneath your jacket. A water-resistant dual thermostat control is included.

Z1R 938 Glove ($34.95).Z1R

Cool Cruising
Not all cold-weather gloves need to look like a mountaineer's mitts. The Z1R 938 Glove ($34.95) offers a cool and casual appearance while keeping the digits warm. Available in men's and women's sizing, the short gauntlet glove is made of premium deerskin leather and features a snap wrist closure as well as 3M Thinsulate lining for warmth and comfort.

Klim Latitude Pants ($499.99-519.99).Klim

Hot Pants
A heated saddle is good, but staying warm and dry from the waist down is even better. The Klim Latitude Pant ($499.99–$519.99) is guaranteed to do just that. Features include a Gore-Tex two-layer shell, Cordura laminate material in high-abrasion areas, leather inner knee/calf, and impact-absorbing D3O inserts in the hip and knee areas.
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