Trail-Side Motorcycle Tool Storage Options

Four tool storage solutions for any adventure.

Finding adventure in the dirt means you need to first make it where you want to go, and keeping your ride together at speed can be a challenge sometimes. From flat tires to loose levers, being able to fix your bike trailside is crucial when exploring the elements. Getting stuck on the trail without tools doesn’t only ruin your ride but it puts you at risk, especially when riding alone. Luckily for us off-road riders, motorcycle companies have developed lightweight tools perfect for riding trails. When backpack space runs thin, resort to designated tool organizing bags such as fanny packs to keep things neat and secure.

Ogio Stealth Black MX 450 Tool Pack

The Ogio Stealth Black MX 450 Tool Pack offers 450 cubic inches of storage to ensure you always have room for the right tool for the job.Amazon

It's no secret Ogio produces some of the highest-quality bags on the market. From large gear bags to extravagant backpacks, Ogio's products are strictly business. Their strategic designs create no wasted space and are highly organized. The tried-and-true fanny pack is a time-honored design of carrying the necessities on your body, and Ogio has a solid option for those looking to keep extra weight around the waist rather than on the back. Its Stealth Black MX 450 Tool Pack features a large front, flip-down tool organizer pocket, a water-resistant zipper on the right side pocket, an expandable beverage pocket, a spare tube compartment, and an adjustable waist belt for a perfect fit.

Klim Arsenal Vest

The Klim Arsenal Vest surpases a traditional backpack design by uniquely spreading the weight evenly throughout the entire upper body.Amazon

When it comes to carrying tools on the trail, most choices are limited to a fanny pack or a backpack. Klim, however, offers a unique design which features all the great features of a fanny pack or backpack as a wearable vest. The Klim Arsenal Vest is designed to offers massive amounts of cargo space with the intention of spreading the weight equally around the rider. The Arsenal Vest features three large chest pockets, two large waist pockets, an integrated and removable tool pack, a 3-liter water bladder, and ambidextrous pistol storage and holster.

Tail-End Kit

Lash a simple pack like this to your fender to keep the bare essentials close at hand.Amazon

A small tail-end kit like this one is simple and carries the bare essential tools you need for trailside adjustments. This pack measures 5.3 x 7.5 inches, so the Allen keys and wrenches that are held within can easily come along for the ride. It’s universal fit makes it appropriate for any machine as well. The polyester material is claimed to be durable, hinting that this pack can take a beating when you are out in the elements. The internal adjustable strap also secures the tools so they aren’t shifting within the bag.