Top 5 New Gear Releases from Alpinestars

A closer look at the top products in Alpinestars' 2015 Technical Motorcycle Collection

Alpinestars is a manufacturer known for protecting top racers around the world, Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, and Jorge Lorenzo included. That doesn't mean, however, that the Italian company has forgot about us little guys. Proof is in the company's 2015 Technical Motorcycle Collection, which the Astars staff recently unveiled during an event at company headquarters in Torrance, CA, not far from where some of the new products got their names. For information on that apparel and more, check out our list of five products that caught our eye during the 2015 Technical Motorcycle Collection launch.

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1) GP Plus Glove
The new GP PLUS glove offers outstanding protection and comfort without compromising for everybody's favorite: style. The glove showcases Alpinestars' patented third and fourth finger bridge, in addition to an advanced leather and textile multi-panel construction and perforated top panel to keep your hands cool. The glove comes in six unique color schemes to go with almost any suit or riding jacket. Priced at $189.95, this glove appears to be a definite bang for the buck.

2) GP Tech Suit
Alpinestars did not miss a detail on the GP Tech Suit, a one-piece leather suit which replaces the Race Replica suit available in years past. Developed by the likes of MotoGP stars Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, and Jorge Lorenzo, this is Alpinestars' top racing suit. It features a construction of both premium kangaroo and cow leather as well as CE-approved GPR shoulder, elbow, knee, and leg protection. The top-of-the-line safety features continue with Astars' Dynamic Friction shield (DFS) external shoulder, elbow, and knee sliders, plus chest pad compartments with advanced poly-foam padding, among other additional key aspects. Alpinestars also added perforated accordion leather stretch panels in various areas for a claimed cool, comfortable, and flexible fit. The suit retails at a whopping $2199.95, so here's to hoping it gives you the superman effect that Marc Marquez oozes out his suit. We figure that'd would make it worth every penny.

3) S-MX 6 Waterproof Boot
The new Alpinestars S-MX 6 WP Boot is perfect for riders that are willing to ride in whatever Mother Nature throws at them. This CE-certified boot features a new-compound rubber sole for improved grip and water dispersion as well as waterproof liners. Though built for long rides and comfort, Alpinestars did not overlook the all-important safety features you've come to expect from proper foot protection. The boot is built with Alpinestars' TPU lateral ankle brace along with it's injected shin guard, calf protector, heel counter, shift pad, and toe slider for maximum protection for $299.95.

4) Anaheim Shoe
Inspired by the Southern California motocross scene, the new Anaheim shoe picks up a unique style for a street shoe. Alpinestars incorporated an ankle and heel protector, taken from it's MX products, with a few other notable elements for comfort and durability. The shoe is built with performance padding, a perforated tongue and side panel, reinforced midsole, and breathable lining, all of which added for a comfortable fit. The stylish Anaheim are priced at $169.95 and are ready to hit the streets!

5) GP-R Leather Jacket
A multi-panel design featuring 1.3mm premium leather with leather accordion stretch panels and CE-approved shoulder and elbow protectors make the new GP-R leather jacket a top-of-the-line sport jacket. But it doesn't stop there; the GP-R is built with a pre-curved sleeve design, chest and back pad compartments designed with PE padding, ventilation inlets, and reflective details all working together to make your ride more enjoyable and safe for $479.95.