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Sidi's back-to-basics boot with a conventional side-entry zipper and single ratchet mechanism

Sidi Roarr boots
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Sometimes it seems that boot manufacturers have been falling over themselves trying to come up with ever-flashier methods of fastening and tightening the fit of their latest footwear. Ratchets here, clips there, Velcro this and that—it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes with all the bits that you have to pay attention to when putting on your boots.

Thankfully Sidi hasn’t forgotten the good ol’ days when getting into a good set of protective, functional boots was a five-second job instead of a five-minute ordeal. With its new Roarr boots, Sidi has gone back to basics, with the boot featuring a conventional side-entry zipper, a Velcro-fastened flap up top, and a single ratchet mechanism to tighten the fit over the rider’s calf. In the process, it has created a boot that is rapidly becoming one of our favorites when we’re reaching for protective footwear on a sporting canyon ride or even trackdays.

Constructed primarily from Technomicro synthetic leather, the Roarr boot is double-stitched in all high-stress areas and utilizes external ankle support braces to prevent twisting injuries, as well as the patented/trademarked Vertebra System to protect the rider’s Achilles tendon. A Techno 3 adjustable ratcheting system custom tailors the calf fit, with a nylon shin deflector plate, bolt-on adjustable plastic toe sliders, and shock-absorbing thermo-polyurethane heel cup providing additional protection.

The Roarr is lined with a Teflon mesh for breathability, and a closable side air vent allows additional airflow. A nylon inner sole with removable arch support pad and dual-compound outer sole offer increased comfort.

As previously mentioned, the Roarr boot is easy to get into; simply slide your foot into the well-tailored and comfortable footbed, pull the zipper up, and close the Velcro-fastened top flap. The Techno 3 adjustable ratcheting system allows a custom fit with support in the calf area that can’t be accomplished by just the top flap, and you don’t have to fasten any wire loops either; just turn the ratchet knob to adjust the fit.

As with many earlier-generation Sidi boots that were our favorites, the Roarr provides excellent fit and support in the entire footbed area. The snug tailoring along the ankle area also offers excellent support, with an expandable slit providing a small bit of slack to allow the zipper to travel over your ankle easier. The snug fit along with the external ankle braces help prevent excessive lateral and torsional ankle flexion, while the rear Vertebra System shields your Achilles tendon area. We’ve worn the Roarr boot daily for a month, and, no, it doesn’t squeak when you walk like the Sidi Vortice boots are prone to doing.

The toe shift pad is one of the better ones on the market, as are the replaceable plastic toe sliders that are properly beveled to allow you to put your toe up on the footpeg when cornering. Thankfully the Roarr boots breathe fairly well on hotter days, though we didn’t feel much difference with the closable side vent. And while we luckily haven’t had the opportunity to test out the Roarr’s protective capabilities in a crash, as with all Sidi boots, we’re pretty confident it will handle the job well.

The Sidi Roarr boot is available in sizes Euro 42–47/US 8.5–12.5 and in all black or black/silver colors.

Retail: $350