Ogio Big Mouth Gear Bag | SR Tested

A gear bag tailored to meet the needs of weekend racers and track riders

Ogio Big Mouth Gear Bag Product Evaltuation
Ogio Big Mouth Gear Bag
Retail: $199.99
(800) 922-1944
Photo Courtesy of Ogio

Utah-based Ogio has become the go-to standard for gear bags, and its new Big Mouth is specifically tailored for weekend racers/track riders. The Big Mouth has many unique features, with the two biggest being the integrated foldout changing mat and the wet/dry pocket.

Those of us without the luxury of a motorhome or trailer to change in know what a pain it can be to keep dirt and rocks off your feet when putting on leathers at the track. Ogio has solved that problem with a reinforced plastic mat that is stowed in the lid of the external boot compartment. The mat is padded, which makes it easy on the feet. It is smooth, easily cleaned, and is tethered to the lid so it can’t get lost.

The cavernous main compartment is easily accessible via the extra-large opening (measuring roughly 15 x 26.5 inches) and holds the rest of the riding gear needed for a trackday without effort, including a fresh change of clothes and extra pair of shoes. The 31.50 x 16 x 18-inch bag holds a substantial 139 liters, and two stretch mesh hanging internal pockets hold smaller items. For the more valuable personal items you want to keep moisture and dirt away from, the main compartment's lid has a plastic-shielded zippered pocket for a cell phone, wallet, and the like.

The 9.8-pound Big Mouth gear bag transports well with Ogio’s trademark “SKID” system featuring oversize wheels, large-diameter axles, and heavy-duty skids, along with the usual two-stage trolley handle. Overall, it’s a superior bag with rugged construction and neat features that will carry copious amounts of gear.


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