Icon Hypersport Pro Long Gloves | SR Tested

A product evaluation of Icon's only gauntlet gloves

Icon Hypersport Pro Long Gloves
Icon Hypersport Pro Long Gloves
Retail: $180
Sport Rider

Icon is a brand normally associated with "urban rider"-oriented apparel, but the company is starting to branch out with items for other markets. Case in point: the Hypersport Pro Long gloves reviewed here. The Hypersport Pro Longs are the only long gauntlet gloves in Icon's very extensive glove lineup, and their construction and features are definitely tailored toward the serious racetrack rider.

Constructed mainly from French cowhide with kangaroo leather in the palm areas, the Hypersport Pro Long also has Battlehide goatskin leather inserts in the high-wear areas of the inner thumb and palm. All the finger panels use external seams for maximum comfort; articulation panels running the length of each finger, combined with Icon’s exclusive floating knuckle design, provide maximum flexibility. Full knuckle armor is provided by a vented TPU/polycarbonate plate, and the long gauntlet features a wraparound TPU flap with reinforced ventilation panels.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Icon Hypersport Pro Long gloves is how comfortable they are, with no break-in period required. We can honestly say that these gloves rank in the top five most comfortable gloves we’ve ever worn; the kangaroo leather in the palm area in particular is very supple and provides excellent feel. We thankfully haven’t tested their crash-worthiness yet, but judging from how well they’ve held up to four straight months of daily wear from racetrack to canyon to commuting, we’re very confident they’ll be able to withstand pavement contact without issues. Our only gripe with the Icons is that the wrist strap and gauntlet flap can be a little clumsy to fasten, but that is a very minor complaint on what is a very solid product.

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