Dynaplug Micro Pro Inflator Review

First thoughts that come to mind: Complete and well-designed

Dynaplug Micro Pro Inflator

Dynaplug Micro Pro Inflator

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Complete and well designed are the first two thoughts that come to mind with the Dynaplug Micro Pro Inflator. For example, the carry case is zippered and pliable so that if you choose to remove a few items, it can be compressed to fit into a tight space—something every motorcyclist has a minimum of.

There are three power leads (ring terminal, cigarette, and battery clips) and a 66-inch SAE cable to reach either tire with ease. Dynaplug also includes a pencil air pressure gauge, which is surprisingly accurate. The physical pump itself is clad in an ABS case that fits into the palm of your hand; it has some heft to it, which speaks to its durability and quality.

We found the pump itself to be quite capable. Inflating a tire from almost zero to 40 psi was handled easily. The pump body did get a little warm but nothing that caused us any concern. Dynaplug says that more power is needed at higher pressures, which was considered when designing the pump. At peak, the pump will not exceed 4.5 amps, which is critical with CAN bus systems (most notably BMW). Another nice design touch was the LED light next to the outlet that comes in handy when locating a valve stem in the dark.

Another feature that sets the Pro Inflator apart from other portable pumps is the Schrader valve that allows you to check the pressure without removing the pump from the stem. If you have a pressure gauge that can be screwed on, or held in place while the pump is operating, you can monitor the pressure as it is applied and stop it when you reach the desired pressure. All in all, the Dynaplug Micro Pro Inflator is a good unit: compact, well constructed, and full of features.