AGV Corsa Helmet | SR Tested

Product review of the best-fitting and best-performing AGV helmet we've worn

AGV Corsa helmet

It’s no secret that every rider has a favorite when it comes to helmets. For one reason (fit) or another (comfort), AGV helmets never did make it onto the Sport Rider staff’s list of preferred lids.

And then AGV introduced its Extreme Standards project and launched two aggressively styled sportbike helmets meant for track or aggressive street riding. These helmets include the all-carbon Pista GP worn by Valentino Rossi and the Corsa, which Associate Editor Bradley Adams has been wearing for the past eight months.

With its Extreme Standards process, AGV engineers have essentially hit the CTL + ALT + DELETE buttons and started their helmet development program from scratch. “Measuring the circumference of a head isn’t enough to tell you its shape. You need much more detailed measurements to design a better helmet,” says AGV, which for this project has used an accumulation of scans (starting at Valentino Rossi) to better identify parameters for head shape and provide a more tailored fit across the fitment chart. Interestingly, the size chart now includes Medium Small and Medium Large options; we made the jump from a Small to a Medium Small and suggest you try the helmet on before purchase.

AGV has decreased the overall size of the Corsa (the upper section by as much as 6 percent, and the frontal section by roughly 3 percent) and also reduced the size of the visor mechanism, which allowed engineers to increase the thickness of the helmet’s impact absorption material. The Corsa uses an SSL (Super Super Light) shell with composite fiber, aramid, and carbon-fiber materials rather than a carbon-only shell; it is claimed to weigh just 0.075 gram more than the all-carbon Pista GP and felt every bit as light as the competition on our head. The breathable Lycra lining and Shalimar fabric with sanitizing treatment for the pads is ultra-comfortable against your cheeks, while the pad layout (with tall cheek pads for surer feel) didn’t leave a single hot spot across the crown of our head.

The Corsa’s window is 9 percent larger than the opening on previous AGV helmets, which provides good visibility regardless of environment (track or street), but we’re not entirely sold on the centrally located shield lock. It’s nice to have two shield positions (one for flowing air in at low speeds and one for full closure), but operating the mechanism with gloves on is a bit of a hassle. Similarly, the chin vent and plastic vent doors across the brow are difficult to close or open. Airflow isn’t overwhelming, but the vents do a great job of keeping the helmet’s insides cool.

One concern we had with the Corsa was its chinstrap, which didn’t fit comfortably up against our neck or make the donning process very simple. Aerodynamics are great in a slightly tucked position, and the helmet remains completely stable in high-speed situations.

Without doubt, the Corsa is the best-fitting and best-performing AGV helmet we’ve yet worn and will definitely have us rethinking our list of favorites.

Retail: $849.95 (price varies for graphics)
Sizes: XS–XXXL