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Motorcycle Stuff For Your Home

Decorating with motorcycle-themed products

When it comes time for a motorcyclist to decorate their humble abode with riding-inspired furniture and other cool stuff, options are somewhat limited. There just isn’t a huge market for Kawasaki-green recliners (though I’d buy that in a heartbeat), so we are relegated to integrating accessory themes into our décor. Here is a somewhat bold bunch of motorcycle stuff that you just might want to stick in your home.

Canvas Motorcycle Prints

Wall art

NAN Wind 4 Pieces Modern Canvas Painting Wall Art

Courtesy of the manufacturer

There is an endless array of these multi-piece canvas motorcycle prints available online, but the cool art pieces like this one that features an old-school BMW bobber are going to grab attention when anyone enters the room. There are so many different styles available including epic scenery, loads of Harley-Davidson and V-twin prints, and if you look hard enough, you may even find a few sportbike versions—all in three, four, and five-panel designs.

Harley-Davidson Doormat

Entry Mat

Harley-Davidson Winged Skull Entry Mat

Courtesy of the manufacturer

Let your visitors know what type of family you are from the moment they walk up to the front door by featuring this H-D doormat at the entrance to your home. It’s bold, it’s black, and it’s rubber so it will last for years—unlike that sham of a friendship with the Joneses next door.

Indian Motorcycle Swivel Barstool

Swivel barstool

Holland Bar Stool L018 Indian Motorcycle Swivel Counter Stool

Courtesy of the manufacturer

Much like their rivals over at H-D, the folks at Indian have found a market for all sorts of goodies that feature that distinctive Indian Motorcycle logo. Even if you don’t ride a cruiser from this American marque, you will let it be known that you are serious about your support for Indian Motorcycle when you belly up to the bar of your man cave and rest your rear on this bitchin’ made-in-the-USA barstool.



Tin Motorcycle Signs

Tin signs

Shop72 - BSA - Motorcycle Tin Signs

Courtesy of the manufacturer

The ever-popular tin sign is still being built on a regular basis. Many of these feature the retro theme of an OEM brand or some old-fashioned slogan, and we have to admit they are pretty cool. Also, when our motorcycle decorating options are limited we have to take what we can get.

Motorcycle-Themed Throw Pillows

Throw pillow

Thumbprintz Vintage Motorcycle Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow

Courtesy of the manufacturer

There is a real lack of biker-based furniture on the market, but there are plenty of accessories that can fill the void. These throw pillows with motorcycle-themed logos, sayings, and scenes are available in a plethora of designs.

Harley-Davidson Neon Clock

HD neon clock

Harley-Davidson Etched Bar & Shield Shaped Neon Clock

Courtesy of the manufacturer

Why does Harley have all the coolest stuff for your house? Because it cares. It cares about brand recognition, the value of branding, and the never-ending desire to fill your life with its patented black-and-orange, bar-and-shield awesomeness.

Motorcycle Room Divider

room divider

ih casa décor MX-1036 Motorcycle Room Divider

Courtesy of the manufacturer

Anyone can stick a Japanese-styled, bamboo room divider in their studio and call it good, but only a dedicated rider will showcase this nifty V-twin partition.

Metal Motorcycle Sculpture

metal motorcycle sculpture

Die Cast Road King Metal Motorcycle Sculpture with Steampunk SparkPlug

Courtesy of the manufacturer

There are artists among us who love making motorcycles out of formerly moving steel parts. I’m sure you’ve seen these on the desk of a co-worker and you probably did a double take. Well, now you can get one for yourself. There are so many artists building these trinkets that you can find the combination of bearings, chains, and miscellaneous parts that suits your specific style.

3-D Motorcycle Table Light

3-D Table Light

Atglus Novelty 3D Illusion Lamp

Courtesy of the manufacturer

3-D desk lamp

Circle Circle Motorbike Motorcycle 3D Optical Illusion Desk Lamp

Courtesy of the manufacturer

Some people like tangible trinkets to stimulate their tactile sensory awareness, but the rest simply like cool stuff. How about a 3-D floating motorcycle light? I think that’s pretty dang cool and it will set you apart from those with the steel art on their desk. I’ve seen these in person and they look better from a distance than they do up close, but they’re still pretty cool.

Motorcycle-Themed Curtains


CafePress Dirt Bike Jump Curtains

Courtesy of the manufacturer

Just when you thought dirt bike riders would be left out in the cold, we bring you the latest in window covering technology. These bold moto-print curtains are a perfect way to cover up the unsightly view from a sliding glass door or even a large bay window. Seriously, though, these moto curtains are an excellent way to set the tone in the bedroom of your favorite young rider.

Motocross-Themed Fleece Blanket


Motocross Rider - Soft Fleece Throw Blanket

Courtesy of the manufacturer

If you don’t want this fleece blanket, then there is something wrong with you. It features a spectacular shot of a completely sick whip, captured in all of its freestyle glory. Imagine how jealous everyone will be at Supercross when you’re snuggling up to your significant other in this ultimate stadium blanket? Go big or go home.

Motorcycle-Printed Bedding

printed bedding

HIG Vivid 3D Bed Sheet Set

Courtesy of the manufacturer

Imagine how great you could sleep when surrounded by sheets and pillows featuring your favorite Italian motorcycle? It may not be a complete bedroom set but these microfiber pillows and sheets are sure to put a smile on the face of some lucky Ducatisti.

While some of this motorcycle stuff comes across like a gimmick, there are still quite a few of them we feel have legitimate potential. If you are a V-twin fan, your possibilities are endless. Both H-D and Indian are pumping out cool branded stuff all the time. Dirt bike riders have it pretty good considering there are loads of vintage signs, lights, and other stuff that can give the appearance of a modern moto-themed room if you look hard enough.

For the sport riders among us, the options are much more limited. There are a few things from Ducati and a bit of the generic stuff here and there, but otherwise we’re out of luck. At least we have provided a peek at some of the products available, but if we missed some sweet motorcycle-inspired home décor solutions, please let us know in the comments below.