Knox Handroid Pod Gloves - Product Review

Science-fiction looks, racetrack-ready protection.

Knox Handroid Pod Gloves - Product Review

Knox Handroid Pod Gloves - Product Review

Modern sportbike gloves are pretty well-defined: leather fingers, palms and tops, molded-plastic knuckle protection, high-tensile-strength thread, hook-and-loop wrist closures. Seen one pair, seen ’em all, right?

Not so fast. The Handroid Pod from U.K.-based Knox is, um, different. Derived from the original, full-race Handroid, the Chinese-made Pod is a competition-quality glove with cow- and kangaroo-hide construction, pre-curved fingers and a medium-length gauntlet. Like the Handroid, the Pod has floating “exo-skeleton” finger and knuckle protection in which half-moon-shaped, articulating plastic guards run the length of the top of each digit, including the thumb. Curl up your fingers and the guards glide back-and-forth like snakes.

The Boa Technology Lacing System wrist closure also comes from the Handroid. We’ve seen similar micro-adjustable cable/reel setups on high-end boots. Here, you cinch down the closure by pressing on the circular, top-of-wrist knob and rotating it clockwise—click, click, click. To loosen the cables, pull out the knob. A hook-and-loop strap at the base of the wrist provides added security.

Another unique feature: Scaphoid Protection System (SPS). Molded-plastic sliders sewn into the palms grease the skids in a hands-down slide, theoretically reducing pressure on delicate wrist bones. In normal riding, you don’t even know SPS is there.

We didn’t crash-test the Pods but did experience a seam failure (pinky); Knox replaced the gloves under warranty, no questions asked.

All in all, a lot to like. And different, to boot—er, glove.


**Knox Armor USA

56832 Mound Rd.

Shelby Township, MI 48316




  • Snug, race-favored fit

  • Boa lacing system guaranteed for life of the gloves

  • Premium materials


  • Boa wrist closure doesn't fit under tapered sleeve ends

  • Available in white/black only

  • Premium price