Workshop Apparel To Spare The Clothes You Really Care About

Badass aprons and onesies for servicing your motorcycle.

Are you tired of your significant other scolding you after you ruined yet another pair of trousers simply lubing your motorcycle drive chain? If so, you should invest in dedicated clothes for the garage. Work pants, shop aprons, and coveralls are must-haves to prevent slip-ups that could destroy your wardrobe. Owning one item that endures the brunt of your garage-work abuse means it will likely start looking beat up and probably be the most flammable thing in your closet because of all the carb cleaner, kerosene, and Liquid Wrench it has absorbed. But look on the bright side: Every stain will be a tribute to your wrenching exploits.

Mechanix Wear Shop Apron

If you can’t be bothered changing out of your workday duds, an apron is a quick and easy way to protect them.Amazon

Mechanix Wear is a go-to supplier of garage workwear. Its shop apron is made of ballistic nylon, has several pockets for tools, and uses buckles instead of a basic tie for a secure fit. Not only does it protect your clothes, but it's almost like having a second pair of hands, giving you a place to stow your screwdriver while you're, say, removing the lid of your brake reservoir. Think of it as a tool tray for your person.

Dickies Deluxe Long-Sleeve Coverall

A reach-enhancing bi-swing back and an elasticated waist make for a comfortable fit.Amazon

Dickies' heavyweight twill coverall is the grease-monkey special. If you dream of spending a lazy Sunday in your pj's but can't help wandering into the garage to futz around with your motorcycle, throwing a pair of coveralls over your jammies means your can have your cake and eat it too. The only downside of owning a good pair of coveralls is that they will end up being all you want to wear.

Carhartt Work Dungaree

With carpenter-jeans features and a pen pocket, Carhartt’s duck-canvas pants offer storage as well as hard-wearing style.Amazon

Carhartt's duck pants are a staple in the workwear world, and they look even better with grease stains on the thighs. A pant that's meant to be abused, you'll get a lot of wear from these guys thanks to durable duck-canvas construction and reinforced knees. They're not just great for working in the garage, but any real work where you risk getting dirt under your fingernails.