Wheel Chocks To Make Motorcycle Transport Easier

Lock and load.

Motorcycle wheel chocks are an excellent way of transporting a bike or multiple bikes inside a trailer or vehicle. Whether you have a self-contained moto van or a full-blown bike trailer, you might want to consider utilizing some type of wheel chock system. There are many different types of chocks that range from a basic tube style that simply hold the front wheel in place, all the way up to elaborate mechanisms that secure either the front or rear wheel in place. Most of them have some type of mounting points that needs to be installed in your rig or on the trailer so they can easily be removed to make room to walk around when you are not hauling bikes. Others are mounted permanently to the floor for maximum durability. The good news is that there are lots of options for any price range or needs.

Condor PS-1500

Condor PS-1500 Pit Stop/Trailer Stop

The Condor PS-1500 is one of the most versatile wheel chock systems available because it can be fastened in place on a trailer or used as a bike stand in the shop.Amazon

The Condor PS-1500 Pit Stop is the culmination of years of research and development on the part of the Condor company. With the Pit Stop you simply roll your motorcycle into place and the front wheel is captured within the wheel chock with no need for a tie-down or sidestand when used simply as a stand in the garage or paddock. When used to transport a bike, you can lock the Pit Stop into place with its proprietary mounting mechanism or utilize the common E-Track setup found as original equipment in many modern trailers.

E-Track Wheel Chock System

Pingel Series E-Track Wheel Chock System

You will find E-Track available in many modern trailers, which makes the Pingel Series E-Track System a great way to transport your motorcycles.Amazon

The Pingel series wheel chock system is excellent for use for transporting multiple sizes of motorcycles inside an enclosed trailer or on a flatbed trailer. The Pingel system allows you to easily change the location of the wheel chock using an E-Track system, which allows you to position multiple bikes in varying configurations so the motorcycles don't interfere with each other in the trailer. It's a tried-and-true system that has been around for many years.

3-Position Self-Locking Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Rage Powersports 3-Position Self-Locking Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Powersports has reinvented the wheel chock with its 3-Position Self-Locking model. It doesn’t get much easier or sturdy than these heavy-duty bike haulers.Amazon

The Rage Powersports three-position self-locking wheel chock is built from heavy-duty steel and is available at a very affordable price point. This is important if you are hauling bikes on a budget. The downside to these chocks is they need to be secured to your trailer, and from there you have the three positions available to adjust to your needs. Not as versatile as other options, but the price is right.

Lock And Load Pro

Risk Racing Lock And Load Pro

The Risk Racing Lock and Load Pro is the easiest chock system ever created. That is, once you have it installed in your truck or trailer. That takes some effort.Amazon

If you haul expensive motorcycles on a regular basis, then the Risk Racing Lock and Load Pro is the ultimate chock system. In fact, Risk Racing has three different Lock and Load styles to choose from, but the high-end Pro system is constructed from aluminum and looks as good as it performs. It all begins with the floor mount plate that allows you to move the Pro side to side to accommodate bikes of different widths or multiple Lock and Load racks side by side. What is most unique about the Risk Racing chock is that it uses ratchet-style attachment point that clamps down on the footpegs of the motorcycle. It is so simple and innovative you are going to wish you had come up with this concept.