Treat Yourself To Body Armor


While we’re ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) people around here, we won’t tell you not to ride in shorts and flip-flops. Deciding on the level of protection you’re comfortable with is a very personal choice. But understand you don’t have to look like a Power Ranger to be well protected. Impact protection is a key component to overall safety, and advancement in body armor technology has made it less of a sacrifice in convenience and comfort than ever. We think choosing the right motorcycle gear—including all the different options in impact protection—is another part of the fun of motorcycle ownership.

D3O EVo X Pro Armor Protector Inserts For Motorcycle Jackets

D3O EVo X Pro
D3O armor is CE-certified and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to best fit the gear you already own.Amazon

D3O's famous orange armor is made from a dilatant, a material that's a "a non-Newtonian fluid where the shear viscosity increases with applied shear stress." So says Wikipedia. For non-scientist motorcyclists, that means the armor is pliable and comfortable, but becomes firmer upon impact as it dissipates energy. D3O makes a variety of universal and brand-specific armor inserts for your riding gear.

Forcefield Body Armour Pro Pants

Forcefield Pro Pants
CE2 armor is thicker than Level 1 stuff, so take that into account when fitting beneath garments. Look out for an upcoming review of the Pro Pants.Amazon

There aren't as many full-length armored pants out there as you'd expect. With CE Level 2 knee, hip, and coccyx armor, the Pro Pants are a great way to up protection levels in your riding denim. Since the base layer fabric keeps the armor tight to the body, they're also a great alternative to the built-in armor in many ADV/touring pants. In those garments, the knee armor in particular tends to be loose and can slide away from the body when it's needed most. The Pro Pants keep armor where it's meant to be.

Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1 Back Protector

KR-1 Back Protector
Designed for street and track, the KR-1 is a step up from CE Level 1 back protectors designed to fit in your jacket’s back protector pocket.Amazon

Many riding jackets feature chintzy foam back protectors because the manufacturers assume riders will plan on upgrading back protection as a matter of course. Alpinestars' Nucleon KR-1 back protector is a CE Level 2 protector that still manages to be relatively thin and lightweight. It manages energy transfer by coupling a ventilated hard shell with viscoelastic memory foam.

Leatt STX RR Neck Brace

neck brace
For when your neck’s on the line, Leatt’s got you covered with this high-end, carbon-fiber neck brace.Amazon

While neck braces are typically more associated with the off-road world (it's true—you don't see MotoGP racers using them), Leatt has several models designed for street and track riders. The STX RR is a carbon-fiber model designed to fit over race suits and sport jackets that have back humps. Weighing only 1.55 pounds, it's CE-tested and ready for your next ride.