Tool Organizers For Your Favorite T-Handles

Keep track of these commonly used tools with the right organizer.

T-handle tools are some of the most reached-for tools in a motorcyclist’s garage. Which is probably why we so frequently cannot find the right one for the job when we need it. Is it in the pile of tools accumulating beneath a project bike? Could it be in a tool-chest drawer? Is it being temporarily used as a bookmark in a Clymer service and repair manual? Surely we’re not the only wrench monkeys who have experienced this situation. Well, there is a better way. Cross your proverbial Ts by using T-handle organizers to keep your favorite tool within hand’s reach at all times.

Olsa Tools Magnetic T-Handle Organizer For Tool Storage

With space for five tools, the Olsa Tools T-handle organizer is low-profile. Attach one or two or even three to your tool chest for convenient storage.Amazon

If tool-chest capacity is at a minimum in your garage, free up some drawer space for your T-handles with the Olsa Tools magnetic organizer. Tacked to the tool chest, you'll never have to rummage through a drawer to find exactly what you're looking for ever again. The organizer has foam backing to prevent it from scratching your prized Craftsman tool chest—and it comes in the right color to match.

Bondhus Molded Metric T-Handle Stand

Plastic makes perfect. A hardy plastic body and legible lettering keep your tools labeled and at your fingertips.Amazon

For the home mechanic who wants to organize an array of tools on a workbench or a portable tool tray, the Bondhus T-handle stand is a great option. The tray holds as many as eight metric tools ranging from 2mm to 10mm, and it's the only organizer here that doesn't require hanging, which is ideal for keeping tools within reach while you're working. And it's made in America.

BikeMaster 11-Slot T-Handle Holder

For either wall mounting or hanging from a tool chest, the BikeMaster T-handle holder is a simple design that will get the job done.Most Versatile

With 11 slots for tools, the BikeMaster T-handle holder has the largest capacity of our picks. It's also the most versatile of the lot since it can be either hung from the side of a tool chest or mounted securely to a wall. Compatible with metric and SAE tools, the holder has a slim profile to maximize space.