These Products Make Using Extension Cords Less Annoying

Savvy solutions to your extension-cord grievances.

Extension cords are a pain in the tuchus. Ever try to wind one around your bare arm when it’s, like, zero degrees? That’s the worst, one of those simple tasks sure to make you feel inept. With a good cable winder or reel, the same task is less of a headache. So if you’re looking to scrap your old-school, loose-hanging cord for something better, want a basic winder for use on the go, or just need a simple strap for storing extension cords neatly in the garage, these solutions have you covered. All that said, if you’re rounding up unwieldy cables in below-freezing weather, you’ve probably got bigger problems, like frostbite.

Built-In Surge Protection

This reel has a water-resistant 14-gauge extension cable and built-in surge protection. It’s available with 30- and 50-foot lengths of cable.Amazon

If you’ve ever thought a plain old extension cord is decidedly old school and you’d like to bring outlets directly to wherever you’re working, the Iron Forge cable reel is for you. It’s a cord, reel, and outlets all in one. Simply direct the three-pronged grounded plug into a household wall receptacle and carry the reel with you as far as 50 feet. With four outlets at your disposal, you’ll be in business, wondering why you ever wasted time with anything else.

Basic And Budget Friendly

This basic reel is great at the jobsite as well as the racetrack, where you don’t want to waste valuable seat time untangling an extension cord.Amazon

This basic free-standing plastic reel can hold as much as 150 feet of electrical cable. With a carrying handle, wide base, and side-mounted arm, it’s a straightforward way to manage extension cords. For trackday enthusiasts, this inexpensive reel is a handy partner for tire warmers and other powered equipment and, when not in use, keeping your motorcycle hauler neatly organized.

Simple Organization

Tangled cords have you at your wits end? A simple strap keeps them looped and untangled.Amazon

Cables running rampant? Keep them in line with a simple extension cord organizer such as this. Adjust the Velcro loop to the desired size and then use the grommet to peg ‘em to the wall. With nine per pack you will have all those extension cords, compressor hoses, and/or water hoses untangled and organized. The 900-denier nylon is strong enough to hold a claimed 50 pounds. Not bad for a simple strap.