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Over the past four decades, Cycle World has honored the Ten Best motorcycles each and every year. As times change, so do our categories. We’ve tried to keep up with the times by ensuring that the bike classes included in Ten Best accurately reflect what is happening in the current motorcycle market. Recent additions include Adventure Bikes, and Lightweight Streetbikes (500cc and under), while we’ve combined Touring and Sport-Touring into a single class called Touring. We also melded Enduro and Dual-Sport to reflect a change in that market and a resurgence of street-legal, competition-worthy dual-purpose machines. Some of our categories have survived much longer than others, and only time will tell what tweaks we may need to make in the future. But with more than 450 different motorcycles currently available in the U.S. market, you can be assured that our Ten Best are the cream of a plentiful crop.

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