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Zero Gravity has put its design/manufacturing talents into aftermarket sportbike seats with its new Draguns Tail and Latigo models

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Mostly known for its ultra-high-quality accessory windscreens for sportbikes, Zero Gravity has now put its design/manufacturing talents into aftermarket sportbike seats with its new Draguns Tail and Latigo models. We had the opportunity to fit one of the Draguns Tail seats to our 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R and spend numerous weeks in the saddle in all types of riding conditions.

Both the Latigo and Draguns Tail seats utilize the highest marine-grade vinyl for the seat skin (which specifies vinyl fabric that was originally intended for boating use, meaning it not only must be waterproof, but also handle the weathering effects of salt and sunlight), a lightweight ABS plastic base, and a specially formulated foam designed to improve comfort with enough softness while not sacrificing the firmness necessary for providing road feel. The major difference between the Draguns Tail and Latigo seats is the styling, with the Draguns Tail featuring a vertebra-type of design on the seat face; both are available with black or contrast stitching.

The Zero Gravity seat is a direct replacement for the stock unit; all that is required is taking the rubber grommets off the stock seat and fitting them to the Zero Gravity seat’s base. Here is where we encountered the only issue with the Draguns Tail seat (and it’s a very minor one in our opinion): one pair of grommets fit into the ZG seat base perfectly, but the remaining pair of holes were a tad too big, requiring the use of some silicone glue to hold them in place (however, it should be noted that the seat was meant for — and tested for a couple of weeks — on a 2012 Kawasaki ZX-6R; while the seats look identical, and the Draguns Tail seat otherwise fit perfectly on the 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R, we weren’t absolutely sure the seats are in fact identical at press time).

One aspect of many aftermarket seats we’ve tried in the past is that their vinyl and seat foam are much firmer than stock. We’ve found many of them to actually be less comfortable than the stock saddle in longer stints, with the added disadvantage (in our opinion) of being more slippery than the stocker. The Zero Gravity seat, on the other hand, is much more comfortable than the stock unit, with more “give” in the foam without losing the road feel that is crucial in sport riding. After several longer rides, we noticed much less discomfort than would usually occur. The vinyl is also grippier than the stock seat, meaning you can keep your lower body position in place a lot easier during hard acceleration (relying too much on your arms/hands to hold yourself into place under acceleration can add unwanted input into the steering, possibly contributing to a tankslapper).

The Zero Gravity seat cleans quickly and easily with soapy water, and we haven't detected any wear or weathering issues in several months of constant use. Overall, the Draguns Tail seat has been one of the easiest and more cost-effective performance modifications we can think of to any sportbike. The catalog of applications is constantly growing; call (800)345-9791 or log onto for more info. —KK

Zero Gravity Draguns Tail Seat
Retail: $259.95