Top 5 Products from Alpinestars 2016 Motorcycle Collection

Whether you're headed to the track or local canyon road, Astars' new lineup has something for you

Alpinestars pulled the wraps off its 2016 Motorcycle Collection this past week, ultimately unveiling a total of 50 new products for both street and dirt. The lineup includes everything from updated one-piece leathers to new dual-sport boots and even backpacks.

The long story is that within the lineup there's something for everyone—the trackday enthusiast, canyon rider, ADV buff, and dirtbike devotee. The shorter story is that there are a handful of new-or-improved products specific to sportbike riders that we think will probably find a way onto your must-have list.

Below are five products from the lineup that would end up on ours, plus a list of other street-oriented products that Alpinestars has launched as part of its 2016 collection.

1) Supertech R Boot

Alpinestars says that the new Supertech R boots are the byproduct of its relationship with some of the top riders in MotoGP. Guys like Marquez and Lorenzo wanted more flexibility, a better feel at the contact point between the boot and the frame, plus more abrasion resistance. With the new Supertech R boot, that’s what those riders (and now you) get.

The key to the Supertech R’s new-found mobility is a redesigned front flex area constructed from over-injected TPU on breathable mesh. It’s unlikely that you’ll be running around the pits in your Supertech Rs, but Alpinestars is still quick to remind you that Marquez did do just that during the MotoGP Q2 session earlier this year at Circuit of The Americas. The point: it’s good to have boots that are protective when they need to be, and flexible where they need to be as well.

A new microfiber panel on the medial side of the boot is claimed to provide additional grip and feel when pressed up against the bike (think about how the inside of your boot rests up against the outside of your bike’s frame as you lean off in a corner), plus be less susceptible to abrasion and heat. Similarly, Alpinestars has redesigned the boot’s rubber compound sole for better grip on the footrests.

Other updates for the Supertech R include a new toe slider with TPU protector that goes on the outside of the slider’s attachment screw, this so that you don’t wear through the screw and end up being unable to remove and replace the sliders—an issue with the previous Supertech R boots. Representatives say the surface area of the slider is wider, too, for better coverage. Further up, you’ll find a new micro-adjustment ratchet that ensure a more precise fit as well as a new TPU shin protector that wraps around the outer calf and is engineered to spread and dissipate impact energy across the protector’s surface.

The new Supertech R boots, which are also claimed to be lighter than its predecessor, are available in sizes 39-48 and will retail for $499.95.

Supertech R Boot, retail price: $499.95.

2) Atem One-Piece Leather Suit

The Atem is Alpinestars’ fully-CE-certified leather suit designed for track or street use. It first hit the market back in 2012, and is updated for the first time this year with new bi-directional accordion leather stretch insert panels on the back and legs for better range of motion, as well as aramidic stretch panels on the lumbar area, back, knees, and elbows for more comfort.

For increased protection, the Atem 2.0 sports added leather layers at the shoulders, elbows, hips, lower back and knees, plus race-developed GP-R impact protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees.

The Atem, which is constructed from 1.3mm leather, continues to use an interior leg and cuff closure system to help keep the suit firmly in place during a crash (these closures are used to help make the suit fully CE-certified, Alpinestars says). Perforated panels on the upper and lower body, as well as a ventilated back hump, are intended to circulate air through the suit.

The Atem suit is available in sizes 48-60 and retails for $1,499.95.

If by chance you aren’t in the market for a one-piece suit but like what the Atem stands for, Alpinestars also has an Atem two-piece leather suit ($1,299.95) and Atem leather jacket ($799.95) available, which feature many of the same updates as the one-piece suit.

2016 Atem Leather Suit, retail price: $1,499.95.

3) Celer Jacket

Subtle changes to Alpinestars’ Celer leather jacket are equivalent to a well-executed facelift; The jacket looks newer and fresher, though not dramatically different.

What continues to set the Celer apart from other leather jackets is the Dynamic Flow Control system with zippered air intakes on the chest and exhausts that enable you to regulate airflow. The jacket also features dual-density TPU protectors on the shoulders and elbows, a perforated back hump, as well as reflective detailing on the chest, arms, and back for improved rider visibility. Opposite the Atem, the Celer also comes with a thermal liner that can be removed on warmer days.

The new Celer jacket is available in sizes 46-60 and 48-64 (all Black). Retail is $649.95.

2016 Celer Leather Jacket, retail price: $649.95.

4) Missile Leather Pants

For those looking to update their wardrobe for the lower half of their body, Alpinestars offers up its new Missile leather pants. Available in every color you want so long as its black, the Missile features a reinforced, multiple-stitch design for better tear resistance in the event of an impact. For further protection, the Missile also features removable CE-approved GP-R knee and shin protectors, as well as replaceable foam hip pad inserts.

For optimal flexibility, the Missile has accordion stretch zones above the knee, as well as stretch poly-fabric panels on the inside leg and crotch.

The Missile pants, which can be attached to a range of Alpinestars riding jackets (the pants have a high rear waist for greater overlap with the riding jacket for better coverage), retails for $399.95, and is available in sizes 44-60.

2016 Missile Leather Pant, retail price: $399.95.

5) Enforce Drystar Jacket

The Enforce Drystar is a heavy-duty 450 denier polyamide textile jacket that comes in black and…well, actually it’s part of Alpinestars' Black Shadow collection, so it only comes in black.

In addition to the stealth styling, you get external, dual-density polymer shoulder protection plus internal, CE-certified elbow and shoulder protectors.

Designed to work in varying weather, the Enforce Drystar comes with a full-length, 100-percent DRYSTAR waterproof lining, removable long-sleeve thermal liner jacket, and Alpinestars’ Climate Control System, which includes zippered air intakes on the upper torso for better cooling.

The Enforce Drystar jacket is available in sizes S-4XL and retails for $369.95

2016 Enforce DRYSTAR Jacket, retail price: $369.95.

Want more? Be sure to click through the photo gallery below for photos and info on a few other products from Alpinestars’ 2016 Motorcycle Collection below, including denim riding pants, riding shoes, and more.

Stadium Shoe Alpinestars describes the Stadium shoe as “A street-styled road riding shoe that would not look out of place in a California skate park.” For protection, the shoe features dual-density ankle and heel protectors, an internal toe box, and reinforced mid-sole. Retail is $169.95.
Force Backpack Got baggage? Alpinestars 25-liter Force Backpack is designed to consume it all, while using a load carrying system and free-moving shoulder straps to re-distribute weight evenly across the back for improved comfort. The bag has a built-in helmet carrier, comes with a removable waterproof rain cover, and retails for $169.95.
Copper Denim Pant The Copper pant is a regular straight fit denim pant with CE-certified knee protection that’s adjustable within a knee compartment, plus DUPONT Kevlar fiber reinforcement in the seat, hip, and knee areas. Retail is $229.95.
Daisy Woman’s Denim Pant The Daisy Woman’s pant offers the same protection as the Copper pant (CE-certified knee armor and DUPONT Kevlar reinforcement), but is designed by Alpinestars’ women’s design department to ensure it actually meets the needs of woman riders. The cut is considered regular/slim, and the pants will retail for $199.95.