Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket | SR Tested Product Review

Available in four colors, this perforated jacket is intended for warm-weather riding

Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket

Southern California summers are something special, but somewhere between the scorching sun and increased time on the road you start to realize that your go-to jacket should be replaced by something a bit cooler. That realization resulted—this year—in us upgrading to Dainese’s Super Speed Textile jacket, which is available in four color options and with enough perforation to weather the sun’s rays. Dainese says in its product description and press material that the Super Speed will “set a new standard for summer jackets.” That’s a big claim, but the Super Speed’s chassis is constructed from a mostly mesh fabric that’s said to vent excellently in all conditions, so we ordered in relative confidence. An added bonus is that the jacket is adorned with aluminum inserts on the shoulders, removable composite protectors, and a removable windproof liner. Pockets for back and chest protectors are sewn in (protectors aren’t included), and storage space is limited to two external pockets and one internal compartment.

The aforementioned chassis allowed the Super Speed to perform well during the many heat waves that hit Southern California this summer and even swayed us into wearing the jacket on our ride to Laguna Seca for this year’s Red Bull USGP. But this didn’t lead us to believe the garment will turn the summer-jacket market on its ear. Ventilation is just satisfactory near the rider’s chest, and the lack of open/close vents ruined any chance of us regulating airflow when the oven was cranked to high.

The Super Speed’s lightweight design and comfortable fit offset its modest airflow and turn the jacket into a decent choice for riders who are looking for something simple in design; there’s just enough pocket space to fit cell phones, a wallet, and a few other necessities, and there is enough armor to feel protected—but not like the Terminator. What’s more, the adjusters provide a nice, easy-to-attain fit, and the liner is comfortable against the wearer’s skin.

While the $349.95 Super Speed Textile may not revolutionize the jacket market the way Dainese suggests it will, there’s still something to be said about the garment’s less-is-more design and the fact that it held up supremely against the abuse we—and the sun—threw its way.

Retail: $349.95
Colors: black/white/gray, black/white/blue, black/white/red, black/black/gray
Euro Sizes: 44–64

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