Active Billet Brake Lever and Remote Adjuster | SR Tested Product Review

Active billet lever folds for crash protection, and can be adjusted while underway

Active billet motorcycle brake lever and adjuster

For years we’ve watched racers make the switch to aftermarket levers and remote brake adjusters but stuck proudly behind our testbikes’ factory-supplied controls. As a matter of fact, the Active billet brake lever and remote adjuster shown here were tested almost entirely by chance and found their way onto our ZX-6R racebike before we’d even laid eyes on a loan agreement. Two trackdays later and we’re certain we should’ve turned to this setup earlier.

One reason we generally stay away from aftermarket hand controls is because they don’t always feel as natural as OEM levers, but the CNC-machined Active brake lever feels less like a styling cue and more like a purposefully built component with reasonable ergonomics. The remote adjuster’s knob (ran to the left clip-on) is easy to grasp and made it simple for us to drive the lever out as the brakes faded—or in when we’d gone too far. Moreover, the system’s cable worked smoothly and never bound or forced us to devote added attention to individual adjustments.

Designed with a folding half, the Active lever is claimed to do less damage to your master cylinder in the event of a fall and to withstand mild crashes. We didn’t test outright durability but will say the lever does look—and feel—pretty stout, a huge benefit for racers and trackday enthusiasts.

Interestingly, Active’s billet lever, remote adjuster cable, and perch are sold separately.

Active brake lever
Retail: $170
Active billet perch
Retail: $50
Active remote cable
Retail: $45,
(269) 671-4915