RS Taichi Motorcycle Gloves and Gear Bag

New gloves and gear bag to store your racing gear from RS Taichi

RS Taichi has introduced a couple of motorcycle gear products for you to add to your gear grocery list including the High Protection Leather Glove and Taichi Gear Bag.

RS Taichi's High Protection Leather Glove
RS Taichi's High Protection Leather Glove provides both protection and maneuverability for all-season riding.Photo Courtesy of RS Taichi

High Protection Leather Glove
The High Protection Leather Glove from RS Taichi carries the brand's racing glove DNA in this high-end street glove. The mcFit technology, synthetic leather reinforcement on the palm, and the carbon knuckle protection offer protection with a snug fit. To ensure that these gloves fit securely and comfortably there are Velcro closures at the wrist as well as a floating knuckle structure to give you a better fit as well as enhanced maneuverability.

The High Protection Leather Glove also promises protection with the SPS protection on the palm and carbon protection on the wrist. For comfort and increased maneuverability these gloves feature a flex panel on the fingers as well as perforated panels on the fingers for airflow. With these comfortable characteristics, this model can be worn throughout the year.

The outershell of the glove consists of goat leather, cow leather, nylon, synthetic leather, neoprene, and carbon, where the lining is made of polyester.

You can own the High Protection Leather Glove for a price of $139.95.
P/N: RST422

Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL (Black only).

For more information on the RST422 Gloves, check out RS Taichi's website.

RS Taichi Wheeled Gear Bag
RS Taichi's Wheeled Gear Bag in black/yellow (shown here) protects and holds all your race gear during your travels.Photo Courtesy of RS Taichi

Taichi Gear Bag
Now you need a place to put your gear and RS Taichi has you covered with the Taichi Gear Bag. This bag is geared toward racers and teams since all race gear can fit in one 120L capacity bag with a padded divider and various interior compartments. Made of heavy-duty nylon on the outershell and an inner pad and other compartments on the interior, you can transport your gear safely in one convenient package. The stowable handle and smooth-rolling wheels also allow you to easily get your gear from point A to point B.

Price: $229.95
P/N: RSB266
Size: H80cmxW42cmxD42cm
Colors: Available in black/yellow, and black/red (note: limited availability on the black/red version)

For more information, click the link HERE.

RS Taichi Wheeled Gear Bag interior
Fit all of your racing gear securely with the various compartments within the main bag.Photo Courtesy of RS Taichi
RS Taichi Red Wheeled Gear Bag
The gear bag also comes in a black/red colorway, but a limited amount is available so be sure to order as soon as possible.Photo Courtesy of RS Taichi


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