XLine Tank Grip by Techspec Reviewed

Is the TechSpec XLine the "next generation in tank grips"?

TechSpec XLine Tank Grips

Retail: Starting at $44.95

Tank pads/grips originate from the racetrack. They can help you keep proper body position, as well as reduce rider fatigue by helping take some of the weight off your arms under hard braking. The XLine Tank Grip is billed by TechSpec founder and chief designer Dean Davis as the "next generation in tank grips." Unlike previous tank pads by TechSpec that are primarily made of rubber, this one uses a 3M microfiber grip tape bonded to its C3 rubber base material. The surface texture of the microfiber sort of feels like a low-pile version of Scotch-Brite, another 3M product—only this microfiber has a very high friction coefficient that grips more aggressively than any other product in the TechSpec lineup.

Our testing with the new XLine tank grip concurred with that claim, as we found it to be the most aggressive-gripping material in the TechSpec lineup so far. For some, the XLine may actually offer too much grip, though you can change that friction coefficient by trimming the amount of material on the tank. There's no doubt the XLine grips better than any other material currently available; it doesn't take much effort to lock your knee in place on the tank. But if you prefer less grip and a little more freedom to move your knee around, you can look at other models in the TechSpec Gripster line such as the Snake Skin.

In a pair of denim jeans or unarmored pants, you may experience a bit of scratchiness through the fabric. Another item of note: In dusty conditions, the surface will collect dirt in the microfiber. Our experience hasn’t shown the dust to reduce the XLine’s ability to grip, but it looks a little scruffy and reduces your bling quotient.

Used by Moto2 and Moto3 riders as well as many MotoAmerica racers, the XLine tank grip from TechSpec is an excellent choice for the serious sport rider or racer looking to improve lap times or overall form. Available pre-cut for most modern motorcycles or general "cut to fit" sheets.