Gastapper Standard: An all-in-one siphon setup review

Putting the Gastapper Standard Siphon Pump through its paces

Gastapper Standard Siphon Pump

Retail: $89

Siphoning gasoline—whether removing race gas from a trackbike or winterizing a road-going motorcycle—can often be a messy affair. Enter the Gastapper Standard, an all-in-one siphon setup that can transfer fuel or other liquids quickly, cleanly, and safely. The durable weather-resistant/airtight carrying case (measuring 9 x 12 x 4 inches) has an electric piston fuel pump mounted in the center with flow direction marking, with two 8-foot PVC 3/8-inch ID lines (intake has a replaceable filter). The PVC hoses are pliable, translucent, and made to resist the effects of gasoline as well as ethanol. Also included are two semi-rigid hoses designed to push through emergency valves built into automobile fuel tank fill tubes to prevent rollover accident leakage. Other accessories that come standard with the kit include a funnel for cap-less fuel tanks, a line holder that fits any fuel tank opening, and a brass nozzle that weights a line so that it drops to the bottom of a tank.

Operation of the Gastapper is straightforward. The 15-foot electrical lead plugs into any conventional 12-volt cigarette-lighter socket, and the two 8-foot hoses allow you to easily move fluids without trying to stretch access from either side. Like most piston fuel pumps, the Gastapper unit is noisy until it starts pumping fuel. Gastapper claims it will pump 32 gallons per hour, and our testing showed this to be fairly accurate, with our unit pumping 3.2 gallons in a little over six minutes.

There are a lot of nice touches, such as the coilover spring at the end of one hose designed to hang up on the mouth of a gas jug. On the flip side, there’s a lot gear to stuff into the box that can make closing it for carrying or storage something of an ordeal. Nonetheless, while the $89 price might sound exorbitant for a siphoning device, the fact that it can work with virtually any motorized application (and all kinds of liquids) cleanly and quickly makes it a plus in our book.