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Soft luggage made to fit your sport bike

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Cortech Super 2.0 Contoured Saddlebags

Installation is quick and easy on this excellent product.Courtesy of Cortech

Finding a set of soft luggage to fit your sportbike can be a frustrating experience. Enter Cortech’s Super 2.0 Contoured saddlebags. Constructed out of 1,680-denier ballistic polyester with 1,800-denier three-lined twill jacquard-weave side pockets with a polyester backing, the Super 2.0 Contoured bags are just that: Their shape is contoured to match the curve of most sportbike bodywork tailsections. Each bag measures 17 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.

For mounting, the Cortech bags hang from wide Velcro-fastened straps that run behind the rider’s seat and over the passenger seat (each strap has a cover with small pockets for items like keys, etc.). Smaller clip-in straps with loops for anchoring the bottom of the bags ensure they stay put. Strap covers and the inner side of the bags have a protective nonslip, non-scratch diamond pattern material to prevent marring your bike’s paint, and the bags have a protective heat shield on the bottom and rear. Removable nylon rain covers are included.

The mounting setup means the Cortech bags can be easily adapted to virtually any sportbike, and we had no problems securing them on everything from a Yamaha R6 to a Kawasaki Z800 to a Suzuki Bandit 1200S. Mounting was quick and easy on all bikes, and the bags always stayed put, with no scratching of paint where they contacted the bike (although that's not to say that dirt can't work its way in there; it's always a good idea to use clear plastic tape to cover painted sections for any long-term use). While not as voluminous as most OEM hard bags, the Cortech Super 2.0 Contoured bags hold a decent amount of cargo, and the rain covers keep moisture out in all but monsoon conditions. On the plus side versus most OEM hard bags, the Cortech bags aren't so wide that you're constantly worrying about rubbing or hitting them on something in close quarters. Our only gripes were that the form-fitted rain covers were a little tough to wrap over each bag, and the zippers were a little stubborn if you tried to overpack even slightly. But those are minor nits in an otherwise excellent product.
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