ROK Straps Motorcycle Stretch Strap - GEAR EVALUATION

Pleasing pack rats with a simple cinch

ROK Straps motorcycle stretch straps
ROK Straps adjustable motorcycle straps.ROK Straps

Thinking about loading up your bike and hitting the open road to freedom? Or perhaps just taking a long weekend ride to independence? Either way, you’ll most likely need to bring a few things with you. And whatever you cannot fit in the motorcycle will need to be attached to it.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of methods for securing one’s wares to a motorcycle, with mostly limited success. Long ago, the best (or maybe only) option available was the traditional “bungee cord” or narrow nylon rope. This meant riding with the constant fear of finding just a dangling end of cordage after scattering the road with your precious cargo.

To make matters worse, lashing extra luggage or camping equipment to your motorcycle meant the strap was usually either much too long or just a tad too short. Not so with the infinitely adjustable tie-down straps from Rok Straps, which combine a stretchable natural rubber-core strap and non-scratch polypropylene cinch strap with loop end. All of this is then connected with a plastic, shatter-resistant buckle.

The stretchable rubber end is protected from nicks and UV light via a colorful polyester braiding. With strap sizes ranging from half-inch to 1-inch wide and 12 to 60 inches long, you will find a strap for every job too.

With Rok Straps' stretch straps we’ve been able to attach everything from camping gear to a camera tripod and even a surfboard to various testbikes (not all at once, mind you). In all cases, mounting the goods was as simple as cinching the strap and forgetting about it.

After numerous uses and countless miles, the durable little buggers show zero evidence of wear or fatigue on either the buckle or the strap itself. The good and the bad of it, of course, is that you might never figure out when you’re hauling too much because the Rok Straps make it so you can almost always bring more.
PRICE: $14.99-26.99

* No signs of wear after continued use
* Priced right
* Easy to cinch and use

* Will allow heavy items to shift
* Still need good anchor points