According to a 2012 study by the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36.5 percent of American households own a dog with an average of 1.6 per home. That is nearly 70 million canines in the United States. With nearly 10 million motorcycles in use during 2014 in America, it is inevitable the two should meet. Dogs love the rush of wind in their face that is provided by a moving vehicle, supercharging their olfactory membrane (a.k.a. nose-eyes). It makes perfect sense that the open-air environment of a motorcycle is nirvana for your pup. However, that raises the question of how to protect their eyes. Rex Specs has them covered with high-quality goggles made specifically for dogs.

Rex eye protection
You wouldn’t ride without eye protection; so why should your dog?Julia LaPalme

My home is well above the national average with five wet snouts, with one Australian cattle dog in particular who loves wind in her face from the sidecar seat of the Cycle World Ural Gear-Up long-term test loaner. Gracie loves to ride and anytime she hears the Ural fire up, her ears perk as she runs for her harness. After her first foray around the neighborhood it was clear she needed something to protect her eyes.

Rex Specs
Rex Specs are designed to fit a dog’s face and provide excellent peripheral vision and protection.Julia LaPalme

I contacted Rex Specs for a sample after measuring her face according the directions on the website and received a set of size large goggles with yellow frame a few days later. A multitude of colors are available ranging from plain black to neon pink to desert camo. Each set of Rex Specs comes with a clear lens and either a dark smoke or mirrored lens.

Not only do Rex Specs lenses provide ANSI Z87.1-2010 impact resistance from flying debris, but they are UV400 rated blocking 100 percent of UV (UVA and UVB) rays. This makes them good for any type of outdoor use for breeds that commonly suffer from pannus (chronic superficial keratitis). The clear lens allows 92 percent of visible light to pass through; the smoke is 20 percent, and the mirrored versions let in 13 to 15 percent.

Rex Specs are shaped to fit a dog’s face with sizes ranging for XL for great danes to XS for chihuahuas. An adjustable strap system keeps the goggles in place while not limiting the dog’s mobility. Large-cell breathable mesh provides airflow while keeping out debris. Fine dust can still get in, so take care in super-dusty conditions. Field of view is maximized with a large eyeport.

Gracie was quick to adapt to Rex Specs, requiring just about an hour of training. Following the tips provided online and in the box, we started with the lens removed from the frame. Fitting took a just a few minutes and each time I took the goggles off or on, I rewarded Gracie with a treat. After 20 minutes of lens-out training and a few attempts at pawing them off, we took a break. We then moved to the clear lens, where I included her walking harness in the routine of putting on the goggles. She soon related the yellow Rex Specs with fun. Then we went for a five-minute walk and, after that, a short ride in the Ural. Not once did she try to remove the goggles after the walk and ride, even with the dark smoke lens.

Rex Specs
Be prepared to stop for lots of attention when you’re out with your dog wearing Rex Specs.Julia LaPalme
Dog goggles
Rex SpecsCourtesy of Rex Specs

Gracie has logged nearly 500 miles of riding in the last month. Rex Specs has absolutely allowed her to enjoy longer rides without concern for damage to her big brown eyes. She loves to wear them and gets tons of attention anywhere she goes. Not only are Rex Specs phenomenal for moto dogs, but I would recommend them for any dog enjoying outdoor activities where bright sun and eye hazards exist. At $79.95 Rex Specs are just as much as high-quality human goggles, but considering the quality build, UV and ANSI ratings, and the potential vet bills going without, they are worth every penny.