Protective Eyewear For Garage And Shop

Keep your eyes safe while working on a motorcycle.

Like a high-speed tank slapper or highside on your motorcycle, a flying tool, loose spring, machine-tool metal shards, or even spray chemicals like electrical contact or carb cleaner can attack instantly. And if any projectiles ever hit your eye dead center, you’d give anything to rewind the clock. That’s a shame because not only can’t we rewind time, but prevention of eye injuries can be as easy as donning an inexpensive pair of safety glasses or goggles while you’re working under certain conditions. Our general rule is that when we’re pouring or spraying fluids, operating power tools or hammering, or under a vehicle, the eyewear goes on. Choices range from ridiculously cheap to Rodeo Drive expensive, so there’s something for every mechanic. Check out these options.

NoCry Safety Glasses

Costing about the same as a quart of motorcycle oil, these NoCry safety glasses affordably protect your precious eyes.Amazon

Even the most basic plastic safety glasses can be worth their weight in saved eyesight, not to mention the pain and cost of an eye injury. With wraparound lenses to provide both direct and peripheral protection, these clear NoCry Safety Glasses also feature antifog and scratch-resistant coatings with built-in UV protection. They are additionally adjustable at the sides and nose to help provide a comfortable fit.

SafeYear Antifog Safety Goggles

If you wear prescription glasses, these SafeYear antifog safety goggles were designed for you.Amazon

If you already wear glasses and work with steam, dust, or mist, splashing chemicals or broad spray patterns, these full-coverage safety goggles are for you. Designed to be worn over regular prescription glasses—including simple readers—they provide comprehensive coverage, including at the top, bottom, and sides. Their antifog lens is scratch-resistant, and their light weight (less than an ounce!) spells comfort.

Pyramex Safety Products Intruder Eyewear

Tinted for outdoor use, the Pyramex Intruder glasses offer a claimed 99 percent protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.Amazon

Especially on light-colored concrete driveways, working outside demands sunglasses for comfort. But sometimes, dark-tinted sunglasses are too dark for detailed work. And they may not be impact-resistant either. A solution is the Intruder Eyewear from Pyramex. They offer impact protection, glare-resistant tinted lenses, plus ultraviolet protection, and numerous colors are available.