Power-Drying Motorcycle Riding Gear

Dry riding gear is nice, wet gear not so much. Take a walk on the dry side.

Riding through a New Zealand cyclone with a group of friends, we arrived—totally saturated—at an out-of-the-way hotel wondering how in the world our gear would get dry by the next morning. Fortunately, the hotel manager donated an additional room where we spread out our gear and turned the heater up full blast. That was a miracle save, but what can you do if your gloves, jacket, helmet, or boots get wet? With plenty of time, you’d just find a warm, low-humidity space to dry them out. But lacking that, blowing air through them can speed up the process big time. Options range from a foldable hair dryer you can easily pack, and dedicated helmet- and leathers-blower systems for use at the track.

Simpson Helmets Multi-Equipment Dryer

Plug the Simpson Helmets multi-equipment dryer into the nearest wall outlet, switch it on, and dry your gear quick.Amazon

Probably no piece of gear gets sweatier, faster, than your helmet during tough riding conditions such as motocross or trackdays. Operating on 110-volt AC, this helmet dryer requires that your truck, trailer, pit area, or garage has household wall current available. But when you do, rejoice! Just pick the desired temperature and dryness, and the Simpson Helmets Multi-Equipment Dryer will take care of your helmet on the double and, with a change of fittings, your gloves or shoes too.

UK HangAir Hanger With Built-In Electric Fan

With a fan pushing 120 cubic feet of air per minute, the HangAir hanger massively speeds up drying sweaty leathers and touring suits.Amazon

No sports gear we can think of gets wetter than diving gear. True fact! That's why this HangAir Hanger makes sense for getting your racing leathers dry in between track sessions. You hang the leathers on the wide-shouldered device, switch on its low-voltage fan (powered by a transformer that plugs into a wall outlet), and the HangAir Hanger pushes 120 cubic feet of air per minute through your gear. The wide-shoulder construction helps support heavy leathers—and touring suits too.

Sunbeam Folding Hair Dryer

With three air/heat settings, plus a “Cool Shot Button,” this compact, foldable Sunbeam folding hair dryer can speed up drying wet touring apparel.Amazon

Although not the most powerful dryer, at 1,875 watts, this Sunbeam unit delivers 85 percent of the thermal punch of a non-folding 2,200-watt home unit. Its beauty is thus found in good drying performance and compactness when folded. There are three air/heat settings and even a "Cool Shot Button" that allows blowing room-temperature air instead of heat through garments. A "concentrator" attachment allows focusing air on precise areas. And when you're done drying your socks, you can also dry your hair!