Motorcycle Soft Luggage

Motorcycle soft luggage offers functionality at a practical price.

Motorcycle soft luggage is an excellent way to increase the amount of gear you can bring on your bike while keeping the cost under control. Soft luggage comes in many shapes and sizes including the traditional saddlebags which hang on each side of the back of the bike, tank bags, and tail bags. These days the nylon-style bags are the most popular, though leather saddlebags still have a place in the heart of hipsters everywhere. Here are a few examples of soft luggage that we have found works great during our time spent touring around the world.

Rain Covers Included

A perfect set of storage to attach to the side of a motorcycle.Amazon

Nelson-Rigg knows a thing or two about building saddlebags and its CL-855 Touring bags prove it. Constructed of UV-resistant ballistic nylon with reflective piping, easy-to-use mounting straps, and lined, these bags keep your valuables safe and secure when you're riding to your favorite destination spot. They even come with rain covers in case you get caught riding in inclement weather along the way.

Touring Caddy

Ample storage makes this one perfect for longer trips.Amazon

The Cortech Super 2.0 Tank Bag is an example of why bigger is better. It has an enormous 18-liter storage area, internal organizer, water bladder holder, and much more. It comes with a rain fly, just in case. The Super is available in magnetic or strap-mounting versions. It has reflective piping, a carry handle, a removable map pocket, and can be expanded to carry even more stuff if your arms are long enough to reach around it.

Compact Storage

Made in the USA, this option offers a lot of features including a touch-sensitive map pocket, elastic retainer straps on the top, and multiple storage pockets.Amazon

Not all tank bags are created equal. There are huge ones, tiny ones, and everything in between. This is the Chase Harper 450M magnetic tank bag, which is small and compact so it's designed to be a place to store a cellphone, wallet, small purse, keys, gloves, and other personal effects while you are riding. These small tank bags are easy to pack and haul around once you are not riding, and that is part of the allure of this size bag.

Sportbike Storage

This product also functions as a backrest once it is attached to the pillion perch using the two adjustable straps.Amazon

The Riding Tribe Rear Seat Bag is new on the market but it looks like it’s well designed and is a nice way to increase storage on any sportbike. It is a universal-fit bag that sits atop the passenger seat and attaches with straps to almost any motorcycle. It is built from lightweight leather and the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.