Motorcycle Socks For All Conditions

Four sock options for dirt and pavement.

Before you put on your trusty boots, first you must slip into a pair of socks—but not just any pair of socks. Although all socks may look the same, they are not created equal. While any sock might do, motorcycle socks are a much better choice. As most motorcycle products go, they are developed by companies with staff members who ride and have first-hand product testing knowledge to develop products that hold their own on and off the bike. Whether you are riding a cruiser on a back road or hitting jumps at the motocross track, the right gear for the job is crucial. Below we have listed four sock options for your next ride.

Moisture Wicking

Wear the checkered flag of victory on your feet.Amazon

Your feet get hot while riding so when a pair of socks wicks moisture away that’s a big plus in any rider’s book. The designers at O’Neal also understand where the most wear occurs on a sock because this has a thicker heel and sole—it says this thickness also contributes to comfort and shock absorption. Additionally, ribbed material at the arch and ankle assist in holding the sock in place. These knee-high socks also get accolades in the style department, because who doesn’t like a checkered pattern?

Maximum Comfort

The Leatt Knee Brace Sock keeps your knee protection in place.Amazon

These socks are strictly business. Developed with the help of Leatt athletes like Ryan Sipes, these Leatt Knee Brace Socks are engineered to go up the entirety of the leg to allow for maximum comfort when worn under a pair of knee braces. The MoistureCool top layer and X-Flow mesh back keeps the heat and sweat out. Another unique feature designed into the Leatt Knee Brace Socks is a silicone printed, no-slip cuff located on the knee to create a bond with the inside of your knee brace to help ensure its always in the right spot.

Stay Warm

The Klim Mammoth Sock offers optimal warmth and comfort for cold rides.Amazon

When the days are short and the weather is cold, it's time to pull out the winter gear. Klim has strong roots in snow sports, offering a massive winter collection including the Mammoth Sock. This winter sock is Klim's warmest and thickest motorcycle sock available. Designed to work in conjunction with Gore-Tex boots, the Klim Mammoth Sock is constructed from moisture-wicking materials to keep the foot dry and warm in any winter condition.

Cool and Comfortable

The EVS Sports Fusion Socks/Sleeve Combo creates a weightless layer between you, your knee braces, and your bike for ultimate protection.Amazon

The EVS Sports Fusion Socks/Sleeve Combo is a motocross-specific knee brace sock designed to be worn underneath a set of braces. Developed from vented Lycra to keep the rider cool and comfortable, the EVS Sports Fusion Socks/Sleeve Combo also utilizes a reinforced heel and toe for durability. Another key feature of the EVS Sports Fusion Socks/Sleeve Combo is the strategically placed grips on the thigh and calf to keep your knee braces planted in place.