Motorcycle Locks For Maximum Security

Dowco lock
Lock it up. Experts recommend using multiple methods for the best theft prevention. Here are a few tried-and-true options.Dowco

When it comes to best securing your motorcycle, you’ll need a comprehensive approach. Most experts will tell you to use more than one method; your onboard fork lock, a disc lock, and maybe even a chain (with a stout lock) all make for a good combo that’ll keep casual crooks at bay yet still be relatively portable. For best results, keep those locks and/or chains off the ground so thieves can’t get leverage, and up your cycle’s security game with an alarm or a kill switch in addition to locking devices to really baffle the burglars

ABUS Granit Detecto XPlus 8077

XPlus 8077
A necessary and easy-to-carry tool for your theft prevention quiver.Abus

Fork locks are fine, but why not add another layer of security, like this ABUS Granit Detecto XPlus 8077 motorcycle lock? The thing is an imposing brick of special hardened steel, but it's easy to install on your brake disc, compact to pack along, and—thanks to a 3-D alarm sensor—delivers an ear-splitting 100-decibel squeal if some thieving scum messes with your ride. You'll get a more subtle warning sound before that (should you forget the lock is on your bike), and multicolored LEDs tell you the lock and battery status. There's even a built-in light on the key so you can see what you're doing.

HelmetLok Gen II 4-Digit Combination Lock

HelmetLok can lock your helmet, jacket, or other random accessory to your bike.Amazon

In addition to locking down your bike you'll probably need to secure other accessories too, so if you're tired of lugging your lid around, the HelmetLok provides a handy, light-duty solution. The aluminum carabiner-style lock comes with a four-digit, programmable locking mechanism made of zinc alloy, and the locking arm pivots outward so you can easily slip it around a handlebar or frame tube. Look, the HelmetLok isn't going to stop a determined thief with a pair of bolt cutters, but to ward off those skulking snatch-and-grab goons, it makes for a worthy addition to your arsenal.

Gorilla Automotive 9000-2R Motorcycle Alarm With Two Transmitters

Gorilla 9000-2R
Add built-in protection to your older or unequipped motorcycle with this easy-to-install alarm system.Amazon

Experts concur that an alarm alone won't do the trick, but adding one can deter thieves from an easy score. More and more motorcycle manufacturers are adding sophisticated electronic motorcycle security alarms to new models, but if your older classic rig needs an add-on option, Gorilla's alarm with two-way paging can give you that extra layer of added security in a compact and durable package. This newer version features three powerful sensors that will trigger a 120-decibel siren when provoked (adjustable for sensitivity), and you can arm or disarm it via the included remote fob. Even better, the two-wire direct-to-battery installation takes less than 30 minutes.

Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit

Kryptonite combo
If you have the room, this Kryptonite combo will go a long way toward scaring off the bad guys.Amazon

Sometimes old-school solutions are the most effective. Things like securing your motorcycle to a solid immovable object will instantly make it less vulnerable, and if a beefy, asymmetrical chain is involved, well then, all the better. Kryptonite's NY Fahgettaboudit 1410 Chain and Disc Bike Lock consists of 14mm six-sided chain links made of hardened manganese steel, a high-security disc lock with a 15mm steel shackle, a double dead bolt, and a sliding dustcover along with three stainless steel keys (one lighted) for a badass security solution that'll make it look like Fort Knox has a hand in your bike's well-being. A word of warning: This setup isn't exactly lightweight.

OnGuard 8019L Mastiff Quad Chain Lock

OnGuard 8019L
Still old-school but with a little less weight.Amazon

Since we're talking about the old-school lock-and-chain approach, you might as well consider the OnGuard Mastiff series too. The chain here is comprised of 10mm hexagonal links with a cinch-loop design that adds locking versatility, and it's a good (albeit still heavy) choice if the NY Fahgettaboudit is overkill. The Mastiff chain's thick links are made of hardened reinforced steel and the Quattro and dual lock mechanisms feature dual lock-down protection with steel shackles. You get four standard laser-cut keys and one with a light. Use this chain alone, or add it to an electric alarm system to cover your bike on all fronts.