Motorcycle Gear & Products For Pikes Peak Or Anywhere That Leaves You Breathless

"Peak" performance products

Boost Oxygen

boost oxygen product container
Boost OxygenCourtesy of Boost Oxygen

Breath Saver
Recover more quickly from a physically demanding ride or any breathtaking activity. Boost Oxygen (22 ounces $14.99, 4 ounces $9.99) is 95-percent pure oxygen in a lightweight portable canister. All natural and safe. A few deep inhalations is said to relax muscles, reduce stress, enhance mental acuity, relieve headaches, boost energy, and more.
(877) 375-2500

Akrapovic Evolution Line

akrapovic evolution line exhaust product
Akrapovic Evolution LineCourtesy of Akrapovic

Peak Power
Fit your KTM 1290 Super Duke R with the same competition exhaust used on Chris Fillmore's record-setting quickest motorcycle to ever climb Pikes Peak. The Akrapovic Evolution Line ($2549.99) full exhaust system is made of high-grade titanium offering a 13-pound weight savings. The kit includes engine mapping, SAS removal kit, and racing air filter.

Clake Pro Lever

Clake Pro Lever product
Clake Pro LeverCourtesy of Clake

Mechanical innovation is a century-old Race to the Clouds tradition. The Clake Pro Lever ($760.60) combines tunable reduced-effort clutch pull with integrated hand-operated rear brake. The clever single lever/dual master cylinder design disengages the clutch then progressively applies rear brake. Applicable for both on- and off-road motorcycles.
+61418 533 775

Ducati Corse C2 Leather Gloves

Ducati Corse C2 Leather Gloves product
Ducati Corse C2 Leather GlovesCourtesy of Ducati

Fist To Be Tied
Keep the paws protected in a midseason/summer non-ventilated racing glove. The Ducati Corse C2 Leather Gloves ($359.95) are a rebranded Dainese Full Metal D1 cowhide leather glove featuring pre-curved fingers, soft goatskin palm with polyurethane insert on palm and wrist, Kevlar inner panels, and carbon-fiber/titanium knuckle and finger armor.
(503) 227-3710

RK ZXW Series Chain

RK ZXW Series Chain product
RK ZXW Series ChainCourtesy of

Chain Reaction
Drive chains are one of those critical components that go greatly unnoticed when functioning well. The RK ZXW Series Chain ($179.61–$289.10) features XW-ring seals with three contact lips and two lubrication pools to keep grease in and dirt out. Available in 520, 525, and 530 pitch with link configurations ranging from 120 to 180 in gold or chrome finish.
(760) 732-3161