Motorcycle Gear to Help with Wind Management

Battle of the breeze

AGV Pista GP Project 2.0

AGV Pista GP Project 2.0Courtesy of AGV

Rossi redo Get your head into a MotoGP-developed helmet. Valentino Rossi put his into the creation of the AGV Pista GP Project 2.0 ($1,399.95) featuring an aerodynamic full carbon-fiber shell with an eyeport offering a wide field of vision in the tucked position. New metal quick-release visor mechanism and #46 graphics make this a signature lid. (949) 645-9500

Pinlock Earplugs

Pinlock EarplugsCourtesy of Pinlock

Hear Here Hearing protection is something motorcyclists should take seriously. The Pinlock Earplugs ($26.95) are engineered with an advanced precision filter to block harmful wind noise without causing muffled hearing. Two sizes of the medical-grade silicone-free plugs are included to better ensure comfort and noise reduction performance. Sounds good to us. (910) 880-0324

Flying Eyes ComfortStyle Titanium Aviator Sunglasses

Flying Eyes ComfortStyle Titanium Aviator SunglassesCourtesy of Flying Eyes Sunglasses

Eagle Eyes You can hide those ridin’ eyes behind a thin disguise. The Flying Eyes ComfortStyle Titanium Aviator Sunglasses ($299) feature a light and durable titanium frame with flexible 1mm-thick micro-thin Resilamide temple pieces and adjustable soft nose pads. Shatterproof UV400 polycarbonate lens in a choice of colors with prescription option. (512) 213-2390

Shark Race R Pro Helmet

Shark Race R Pro HelmetCourtesy of Shark Helmets

Lorenzo replica Get your Jorge on Monster-style with the Shark Race R Pro Helmet ($649.99–$709.99). The carbon and Aramid fiber helmet features four air intakes and seven exhaust ports, a wind tunnel-developed Double Blade Racing Spoiler at the rear for increased stability at racing speed, and a distortion-free shield providing an exceptional field of vision.(773) 850-3113

Puig Clip-On Windscreen Deflector

Puig Clip-On Windscreen DeflectorCourtesy of Puig

Blast Deflector Tired of windblast or buffet at highway speed? The Puig Clip-On Windscreen Deflector ($69.94) is an extension that fits screens between 3mm and 5mm thick. The clip-on system mounts without any drilling, and its hinge design allows adjustable deflection angle. Four types with varying height and width are available in clear or light smoke tint.(407) 237-0207