Keeping Lenses Fog-Free When Riding Motorcycles

Clear visibility is essential for safety. Here’s how to keep lenses from fogging up.

Applied with a clean, soft towel inside your goggles or face shield, spray- or wipe-on antifog treatments help keep your vision clear when riding in the rain, fog, or low-temperature, high-humidity environments. The reason visors and lenses fog on the inside is because the warm, moist conditions behind the lens (in other words, near your face) surpass the air’s capacity for retaining the moisture as a vapor. Thus, moisture settles on the inside of the lens as a foggy film. Treating the inside of your lenses with an antifog product reduces the buildup of moisture, which in turn helps deliver needed visibility. Treating the outside with a separate water repellent nicely disperses water droplets during rainy weather.

Scott Sports NoFog Cleaner Spray

Offered by famous goggle maker Scott Sports, the NoFog Cleaner Spray works well for motorcyclists and for other sports too.Amazon

Don't let the 2-ounce size fool you: This spray-on antifog will last a long time, and its convenience size allows you to store it, along with a soft towel, easily in a pocket. The spray works its magic on the backside of the lens—near your face—but it can also serve as a gentle lens cleaner on the front side too. As you might expect, just spray it on and wipe it off. Done.

Fog-Off Antifog Spray And Dry Cloth

Designed for any optical surface, the Fog-Off spray-and-dry-cloth kit is an all-in-one antifog solution.Amazon

Designed for a wide range of uses, including motocross, off-road riding, scuba-diving, and more, Fog-Off applies easily, and the kit includes a dry cloth for wiping the product onto the lens surface. Used correctly, Fog-Off provides distortion-free antifog protection for your crucial riding goggles and face shields, as well as other optical products such as glasses. The maker claims the product is non-toxic and a non-eye irritant as well.

Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent

Labeled as a “hydrophobic treatment for plastics,” Rain-X substantially boosts water repellency on plastics.Amazon

This might seem too good to be true, but Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent beads rain into tiny droplets that blow off your windshield, helmet face shield, or goggle lens like it's not even raining at all. And since motorcycles and helmets don't come with windshield wipers, if you ride much, there will probably come a day (or many days!) that you wish you'd stashed this product, along with a soft cloth, among your gear.