Jacket And Gear Hangers For Motorcyclists

Hangers to keep your riding gear safe and neat.

Saturday morning: You back the bike out, check the gas level and tire pressures, and then go inside for your gear. After pulling your jacket or jersey off the metal wire or plastic hanger, you put it on, take one final admiring "Fonzie" check in the mirror and...discover that you look more like The Flying Nun than Fabio Quartararo. That's because an economy hanger meant for shirts has all but poked holes in the shoulders of your gear, a result of too much garment weight on too small an area. To use a tire analogy, improper storage blew out your gear! So what to do? Buy some hangers better suited to hold jackets and heavier shirts such as off-road jerseys. And while you're at it, store the gear away from direct or bright sunlight; it'll last longer that way.

Underwater Kinetics Super Hanger

Save the shoulders of your riding gear from annoying holes or dimples with this burly hanger.Amazon

Designed for surfing, swimming, and diving wet suits, dry suits, and even marine gear, this hanger is as robust as you're likely to find. Translation: It'll be a tough act indeed for any motorcycle riding gear up to and including a heavy one-piece touring suit to bend it. Made of heavy-gauge molded plastic, it won't rust or delaminate like steel or wood either. The I-beam-section profile adds strength without undue weight.

Clutter Mate

For lightweight or middleweight jackets, these suit hangers are way more supportive than ordinary hangers.Amazon

The key to protecting the shoulders of your riding jackets and jerseys while they're hibernating in your closet is to spread the load, or garment weight, over as much surface area as possible. This applies for most all riding gear, from the toughest motocross-spec fabrics to jacket liners and even rugged leather. Designed for suits, these hangers feature broad, flared shoulder supports. That makes them ideal for carefully coddling lightweight or middleweight riding apparel.

Tough Hook Hanger

Designed to hold up to 150 pounds, this Tough Hook gear carrier is said to be “the strongest hanger on the market.”Amazon

Think your off-road backpack weighs a ton, carrying as it does food, water, first-aid supplies, tools, electronics, cold-weather gear, plus a spare tube and tire pump? Guess again, because first responders' backpacks can weigh way more. And that's the reason this Tough Hook Tactical Equipment gear hanger is a viable option for storing your backpack in between rides. It's made of molded resin with an I-beam cross section and is rated at 150-pound capacity. Opposing side hooks keep backpacks from sliding off.