Looking to enhance its rider experience, Indian Motorcycle announced an all-new Ride Command mobile phone app and software update. Owners can update their current Ride Command infotainment system by visiting their local dealership or downloading the software to a USB drive at the Ride Command Page, which also serves as the platform for riders to plan rides with up to 100 waypoints.

Plan your next ride on your desktop computer and then transfer the route to the new Ride Command mobile app.Indian Motorcycle
The new Ride Command mobile app is available for free in the Apple Store and Google Play.Indian Motorcycle

The new Ride Command mobile app allows owners to plan point-by-point directions on their desktop computer, which can be wirelessly transferred to their bike via a Bluetooth connection to the infotainment system. Directions are delivered to the rider through Ride Command’s glove-compatible, 7-inch touchscreen, which also provides vehicle data, including fuel level, oil life, tire pressure, and battery charge. Riders can also track rides, view service recommendations, and log maintenance within the mobile app.

In addition to offering enhanced information regarding their Indian motorcycle, the all-new Ride Command mobile app allows owners to track and share both completed and planned rides with friends on Facebook, as well as receive alerts for important service reminders. The app can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store and Google Play. Additionally, riders can further upgrade their Ride Command infotainment system by downloading the free 2018 map updates at the Ride Command website or via a local dealer.

Providing remote accessibility to key vehicle information, the all-new Ride Command app is a welcome addition to Indian’s class-leading infotainment system.Indian Motorcycle

Ride Command is available on both the 2019 Chieftain and 2019 Roadmaster lineup, which come equipped with three selectable ride modes and rear cylinder deactivation for improved rider comfort when traveling at lower speeds. Pricing for the 2019 models begin at $21,999 for the Chieftain, $24,999 for the Chieftain Classic, and $25,999 for the Chieftain Dark Horse and Chieftain Limited. Roadmaster pricing starts at $28,999.