Great Motorcycle Tie-Downs To Secure Your Bike

A selection of motorcycle tie-downs that are secure and convenient to use.

Riding your motorcycle is tops, but sometimes you just have to get loaded…in your van, pickup, or on a trailer. Good tie-downs make the job of securing your motorcycle safely, securely, and without damage to paint or chrome as easy as possible. Whether it’s in the back of a pickup, in a van, or on a trailer, high-quality tie-downs are an essential accessory for any motorcycle owner. Here are some of the best tie-downs to consider for securing your motorcycle or other load in a vehicle.

Ancra 40888-26 Black 66-Inch Original Tie-Downs

Ancra tie-downs are the classic, high-quality choice for tying down a motorcycle or securing other loads.Amazon

Ancra has been making cargo-handling and load-securing products for more than 50 years, and it shows in these classic, durable, cam-lock tie-downs. Vinyl-coated metal S-hooks on each end help preserve the surface finish on your motorcycle, while strong stitching and high-quality, 1-inch-wide nylon webbing mean these 66-inch-long tie-downs can last for years. One editor has been using the same set of Ancras for a decade and a half. No extra doodads or gimmicks, just simple design and reliable performance.

ProTaper Standard Universal Tie-Downs

ProTaper Standard Universal tie-downs offer swivel carabiner anchor ends and built-in soft-tie loops for secure, scratch-free loading of your motorcycle or ATV.Amazon

You may know the ProTaper name because of the company's popular motorcycle handlebars, but it also offers these clever tie-downs with a few unique features, starting with the swivel carabiner base hook that won't come loose and makes smooth routing easy. The nylon webbing is 1.5 inches wide in an 84-inch overall length, giving strength and broad utility. Topping off the cool features is the built-in soft-tie loop, making it easy and convenient to avoid directly attaching the S-hooks to the bike if needed.

PowerTye Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Downs

Carabiners at each end add extra security to the PowerTye Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Downs.Amazon

Ratchet tie-downs can take a bit longer to secure but offer excellent tension control and generally make it easier to really tighten the load. If that’s your jam, consider these PowerTye Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Downs with 1.5-inch-wide nylon webbing and 78-inch overall length. Carabiner hooks at each end add extra security, and built-in soft-tie loops are extra gentle to motorcycle parts. The zinc-plated ratchet mechanism has a rubber-coated handle for comfort.