Get More Track Time Or Tour Iceland With Dainese

The Dainese Experience has added two unique events for riding enthusiasts.

Dainese is expanding its Experience project this year to include an on-and-off-road tour of Iceland. That BMW R 1250 GS HP is included too.Courtesy of Dainese

There are plenty of ways to hone your riding skills, and most of them have to do with closed courses and stale classrooms. But what if you could learn out in the field in the real world, while maybe touring an amazingly exotic destination or strafing a world-famous racetrack you'd always dreamed of? Sure, there might be a few other outfits trotting out this same concept, but in our opinion, Dainese has trumped them all with its Experience, which feels like a great way to learn new skills, see some awesome sights, and have a laugh, all in total safety.

The Dainese Experience Riding Masters returns for 2019, but this year it sets up shop at the famous Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in Franciacorta.Courtesy Dainese
The Riding Masters Franciacorta event will follow the same format as last year, with course instruction offered for various skill levels.Courtesy Dainese

Last year the Italian outfitters cooked up the very first Dainese Experience with the Riding Masters at Misano Adriatico, an event that gave racing enthusiasts as well as just regular motorcyclists the chance to put in time on the legendary Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. What’s more, the one and only Valentino Rossi was on the track too, and, along with his VR46 Academy instructors, helped participants improve their technique while showing them the fast way around the circuit. That experiment was so successful, Dainese doubled down with two more events in its Experience project this year. On June 29, the Franciacorta circuit will host the second chapter of the Dainese Riding Masters, and then late July, Dainese Expedition Masters will make its debut in the form of a nine-day trip on and off road across Iceland.

Courses at the Riding Masters will include Safety Classes on a closed course or Racing Classes on the circuit for more advanced pilots.Courtesy Dainese

At the Franciacorta circuit event, Dainese will pretty much have the same setup as last year, structured to appeal to all riding enthusiasts. Riding Masters Franciacorta will be divided into classes based on the participant's level—from novice to aspiring professional rider—so it’s not just about MotoGP pilots in training. Safety Classes 1 and 2 are available for those coming to motorcycle riding recently and want to learn basic techniques or improve their skills for more advanced levels of road riding. Two Racing Classes are also available: Racing 1, which is designed for those with no track experience who want to learn the fundamentals of track riding; and Racing 2, for those who’ve been around an apex or two and want to improve performance and control of the bike in extreme situations, such as hard braking and cornering at maximum lean angle.

Just the thought of touring Iceland makes us salivate, but to do it on a BMW R 1250 GS HP, with pro support? Tasty indeed.Courtesy Dainese
The two Dainese Experiences will be upon us in short order, so check out the Dainese website's Experience section for dates, pricing, and more info.Courtesy Dainese

The Expedition Masters event, meanwhile is an incredible opportunity to explore the untainted beauty of Iceland by motorcycle, July 27 to August 4. The tour rolls out of Reykjavík, and explores the entire perimeter of the island, going through landscapes with active volcanoes, geysers, Europe’s largest glacier, and fjords. The Expedition Masters scenario also poses an excellent chance to learn off-road riding techniques too. Specific Training Camps will be held en route to show participants how best to handle paved and dirt roads in all weather conditions, and all with the support of a first-rate technical package that includes gear, bikes, and instruction. Expert guides lead these expeditions, so you’ll get insight into the local environment as well as professional instruction to help you conquer any of that gnarly terrain.

The registration fee for the Expedition includes the rental of a BMW R 1250 GS HP motorcycle (shod with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires), insurance, accommodation, a qualified guide, on- and off-road training sessions, and a professional photo/video service. You also get equipped with a complete head-to-toe riding outfit, including an AGV AX9 helmet, Antartica Gore-Tex jacket and pants, Universe gloves, and Centauri boots. At a cost of 7,299 euro ($8,207 US at press time), this experience will put a hefty dent in your wallet, but then bucket-list trips usually do. Check out the site for more info.