Garage Floor Covers To Protect Your Bike—And You

Three options for quickly and easily covering a concrete-floor garage.

While polished concrete floors may be all the rage inside modern homes, in the garage, there are plenty of reasons to cover them up, not least because they're an ergonomic nightmare for the home mechanic. Unsealed concrete floors can quickly absorb oil and chemical spills, and unless you've mastered the art of changing oil without spilling a drop, they can start to look a little Rorschach. Painted or sealed concrete floors are easier to clean, but they can be incredibly slick when wet or when regularly misted with bike-polish overspray. Over time, stationary motorcycle tires can even absorb moisture from concrete. So by protecting your floor, you're protecting your tires.

Armor All Charcoal Garage Floor Mat

Available in five sizes, Armor All's floor mats are like oversize doormats, perfect for preventing you from tracking road grime into the house. The top side is made of absorbing and wicking fiber bonded to a waterproof membrane that is said to prevent liquids from soaking through. They can be cut to fit any space. Once the mats have been thoroughly abused, they can be power washed or vacuumed.

GarageTrac Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring Tile

Made in the USA and available in 12-, 24-, or 48-unit packs, the interlocking tiles snap together for easy, tool-less installation. A patented substructure provides airflow to prevent mildew from forming.Amazon

GarageTrac's interlocking floor tiles deliver the look that many gearheads associate with a dream garage. If you want a checkered-flag-patterned floor, look no further. Spend a lot of time kneeling next to your bike? A GarageTrac-tiled floor makes the proposition far more enticing by eliminating direct contact with freezing-cold concrete. Even if you use a lift to work on your bike, the tile's shock-absorbing properties are kinder to your back and feet to help keep you wrenching longer more comfortably.

IncStores Nitro Garage Roll-Out Floor Mats

Non-absorbing, easy to clean, and easy to install, polyvinyl mats are a basic solution for protecting your garage floor and adding some much-needed traction.Amazon

IncStore's standard-grade garage mats are available in multiple sizes and with various nonslip patterns. Utilitarian and rugged, these 1.6mm-thick polyvinyl mats are designed for consumer applications, but they still offer the benefits of heavier-duty commercial-grade products. Water resistant and easy to clean, they're a simple solution for garage-floor protection.