Garage Chairs For Wrenching And Motorcycle Viewing

Four unique ways to take a load off.

Tired of sitting on an overturned 5-gallon bucket to service your motorcycle? Need a proper perch from which to admire your prized machine? Get the right chair for the job. Garage-specific chairs exist for several reasons. Office chairs are expensive and are often hard to clean, and folding chairs are impractical for moving around the shop floor. And neither of them even work as well as a bucket for when you’re removing the fairing from your sportbike. From utilitarian stools to use while wrenching, to comfortable seats perfect for admiring your handiwork, there’s a right chair for the job. Check out these four suggestions.

Quick Tool Access

A covers-all-the-bases stool for moto wrenching in your garage or workshop.Amazon

Your basic mechanic stool. It's height-adjustable, has an easy-to-clean vinyl seat cushion (comfier than a bucket), caster wheels, and a tray in which to temporarily store tools. Great for sitting on when performing oil changes and other basic maintenance tasks. The garage chair equivalent of the Dickies work pant: classic, durable, nothing fancy.

Drinks Close At Hand

In America, everything needs a cupholder. Even a mechanic’s stool.Amazon

Available in multiple colors to match your favorite bike brand, this luxo mechanic stool from OEMTools rolls on caster wheels, has a cushy vinyl seat, and loads of tempting features, including tool-chest-style drawers, a large tool tray, and a cupholder with space for three beverages or spray cans. Not that Liquid Wrench and Budweiser make the best of bedfellows…


This seat invites you to just take a load off, put your feet up on the footrest, and wipe the sweat from your brow after the job’s done.Amazon

This Workpro stool has a simple swivel seat with up and down adjustability. It doesn’t need to have all the doodads like casters and tool storage because it can serve as the workbench seat when you tinker away at wiring jobs, part assembly, and the like. Then after the work has concluded take a load off and admire the job well done. It looks nice enough to bring it into the man cave afterward for an extra stool for your buddy to watch the MotoGP races from as well.

Foldable And Totable

The right chair from which to admire your freedom machine, complete with cupholder and a four-can cooler.Amazon

Unless you’re a George Barber-level motorcycle collector with a dedicated museum in which to admire your purchases, you probably won’t be staring at them while sipping Dom Pérignon from the comfort of your vintage Eames lounge chair. No, when you want to take a load off and take a gander at your new Harley-Davidson Softail Slim, you’ll be drinking Miller High Life and plopping down in the dusty folding chair next to the shop vac. But that doesn’t mean your chair can’t have a cupholder—and a four-can cooler!—for your champagne of beers.