Five Products for the Adventure Bike Rider

High adventure

BMW Atacama Soft Top Case Duffel
BMW Atacama Soft Top Case Duffel ($326.99).BMW Motorcycles

Long-Distance Duffel
Schlepping gear from here to Timbuktu needn't be an ADV logistics nightmare. Even the non-GS rider will appreciate the BMW Atacama Soft Top Case Duffel ($326.99), a clever storage solution that will strap to any tail rack. The best part of this 10.6-gallon waterproof duffel is that it converts into a backpack off the bike.
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The Better Bungee Slotted Strap
The Better Bungee Slotted Strap ($5).The Better Bungee

Strap It On
Losing a load along the road or trail will spoil any great adventure. The Better Bungee Slotted Strap ($5) is just that, an innovative take on the traditional bungee cord. The 36-inch polyurethane strap safely stretches two times its length, features scratch-free molded nylon hooks, and has six slots allowing easy customization of its overall length making for a flexible installation.

Michelin Anakee Wild motorcycle tires
Michelin Anakee Wild ($256.95-$320.95).Michelin

Trail-Worthy Tires
Serious on-/off-road riding requires proper tires. The Michelin Anakee Wild ($256.95–$320.95) is developed to combine on-road stability, wear resistance, and increased wet-road and off-road traction. The tread block design releases mud, and bride-blocks on the shoulder increase pavement cornering stability.
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KTM Rally Jacket
KTM Rally Jacket ($237.99).KTM

Enduring Jacket
Dressing for the wide temperature variations encountered on an adventure ride is paramount. The KTM Rally Jacket ($249.99) features removable, breathable, wind- and waterproof Z-liner membrane and microfleece lining. Chest and back vents, neoprene collar, and Lycra cuffs ensure comfort, while removable elbow and shoulder armor adds protection.

Koso EX-02 Enduro
Koso EX-02 Enduro ($99.95).Koso North America

Trail Computer
Monitor your bike's range and more with the Koso EX-02 Enduro ($99.95). Powered by an internal CR2032 battery, the durable unit features a backlit LCD display with speedometer, odometer, trip­meter, clock, stopwatch, hourmeter, and voltage meter functions. Model-specific kit includes mounting and speed-sensor hardware.
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