Custom Paint From Bell Helmets And Helmade

Easy, hassle-free personalization.

Bell Helmets
Bell Helmets’ partnership with Helmade gives the consumer a staggering number of options to create a custom-painted helmet shipped directly to their home.Jeff Allen

Custom-painted helmets are the ultimate in personalizing your riding kit, but the hassle of getting the design and colors of your choice has always been a lengthy ordeal. But now Bell Helmets has a program with custom-paint design company Helmade that allows for consumers to order up a custom paint job right on Bell's website. We decided to take the process for a spin, see what we could create, and evaluate the finished product.

Bell offers Helmade custom paint on its Star MIPS, Custom 500, Bullitt, and Moto-3 helmets. Adding in the custom option from Bell will significantly increase the price—anywhere from $300 to $800—over the standard available colors, but custom paint jobs have never been cheap. We chose a Star MIPS as the base for our test run of the custom process.

Helmade paint job
Every Helmade paint job is done by hand, after you design it on the Bell or Helmade website.Bell Helmets

Using the configurator on the Bell website is simple and intuitive. First choose one of 16 templates for the Star MIPS; the Bullitt has the most template options available with 26 total. Each one of those templates has multiple segments with a dizzying number of color and finish choices. Pastels, metallics, neons, and metalflake are all on the menu. You can easily spend hours designing and redesigning. Our Star got blue metalflake, red metallic, and white striping set atop a gold metallic base.

custom helmet site
Bell’s custom configurator is easy to use and can keep you busy for hours designing your custom helmet.Justin Dawes

There is also the option to add a name or number to the side with four choices of font and nine colors. We went with the clayton font and “CYCLE WORLD.” Finally, chose a visor color and size, and pay. After ordering, delivery time takes around six weeks. We kept an eye out for the delivery truck, eager to see how the thing would turn out.

Helmade custom paint job
The end result from Helmade exceeded our expectations with smooth paint and sharp lines.Jeff Allen

Upon arrival our Helmade-painted Star MIPS looks better than we imagined and envisioned. The metallic and metalflake paint pop more than you would expect from the website. Masking of the vents and rubber areas is top-notch without any bleed or overspray. Not a run or dimple could be found in the paint finish.

Helmade-painted Bell Star MIPS
Not a hint of overspray or bleed could be found on our Helmade-painted Bell Star MIPS.Jeff Allen

In all, Helmade and Bell give you a quality custom paint job without the hassles such as designing, pricing, and shipping that can come with a one-off design. The paint surcharge does eclipse the cost of the helmet, our Star MIPS ended up at $978, but that is can be less than a paint job from a reputable helmet painter. If you want a quick turnaround and complete control on your own hand-painted helmet, Bell’s partnership with Helmade is an attractive choice.